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HeatherAB77 writes,  April 20, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I am doing the cea-how program and I have a recipe I can adapt to cea how. It is baked chicken with pesto sauce on it. I know pesto counts as my fat and I can have two TBS. However the chicken is chicken breasts and the recipe calls for the pesto to be on the chicken when its raw and then cooked with chicken. I obviously want my four oz chicken and my two TBS pesto but if I cook the chicken with the pesto sauce spread all over chicken like called for how will I get all the fat and oz of chicken needed when its done and I weigh it out? Any suggestions???




Sandee writes,  April 20, 2012

Okay Heather....I'm about to be your new best friend : )  You can also measure chicken by 2 pieces : )  Have a wonderful meal!

HeatherAB77 writes,  April 23, 2012

But what if it is like a chicken breast?

Sandee writes,  April 24, 2012

You can still have two.  I always eat 2 thighs....or a thigh and 1/2 of another protein....it works out fine : )

Heather writes,  April 25, 2012

So If I wanted I could have two chicken breasts???


Sandee writes,  April 27, 2012

Yes : )

mi75 writes,  August 31, 2012

i'm making the baked pesto chicken this weekend as well! i use chicken tenders and then i generally eat 3-4 of them. that equals almost two breasts. YUMM-O!!!!! i have it with rice and veg.

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