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Magz writes,  April 17, 2012

I have been doing the no sugar no flour for 9 days now.  Loving how I feel, and enjoying the fabulous foods I am eating, BUT... I have had no weight loss as of yet!  I am very active, workout, clean houses, busy with children. Basically do not sit during the day, unless it is to eat meals.  Any ideas on why this might be happening???

Sandee writes,  April 18, 2012

Are you drinking 1/2 your weight in oz of water a day?  Cut out grains.  Are you eating between meals?  Also, body fluids fluctuate daily, exercise can make you gain before you lose...so many things....when was your last check up?

Magz writes,  April 18, 2012

Water intake is good... Some days better than others though.  Will up that today!  Do you mean all grains?  I start the day with oatmeal, fresh, with a diced apple and cinnamon.  Does that have to go?  It seems that with this meal plan, my body gets hungry at about 3 hr. intervals.  Some days this does not happen, but on others it is like clockwork!  How long do I cut the grains? I just had a very comprehensive physical, bloodwork, thyroid, cholesterol, etc...  I had been feeling "not right"  for a long time, tired, achy, run down, etc... All test came back great, I get 8-9 hrs of sleep a night and really had no good reason for feeling that way!  My dr then told me to cut the flour and the sugar out of my diet.  I would then feel not so "bogged down".  For the most part, she was right, though, I wish I saw more of the weight benefits.  I am 35 yrs. old, I am 5'5", and my weight this morning was 201.6, and yes I fluctuate daily!  I feel great when my weight is in the 150's.  And I have struggled with weight my ENTIRE life.  I am happy to have found a diet change that is manageable to me, and love playing with the different foods and recipes.  Just frustrated at the moment!  Thanks!

Sandee writes,  April 18, 2012

Yes, I would try that...no grains for 30 days.....that's what I did on the plan I was on....oat bran was allowed in the morning....3 meals a day with nothing in between.  If you are still having trouble, I can suggest the 12 step program that I was in....just email me.

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