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Sam writes,  April 10, 2012

I have a few questions about the detox:


First: What is anyone doing for the 1/2 cup of fruit juice? what fruits are you using?

Also, with the breakfast,lunch , and dinner bullet points are all of those supposed to be added together i.e. the oil, veggie juice, water, and kefir/soymilk? taken seperately or together?

Lastly, the green drink? Will just plain green tea suffice and how many cups do you drink throughout the day while on the detox?


Thanks for any help!

Sandee writes,  April 12, 2012

HI Sam,  Any juice that you can juice is fine.  If you use prepared juice...but I recommend the fresh, (I also just blend fresh fruit with my soy milk and/or protein powder)...use organic, no sugar added in a glass jar.

The veggie juice is separate from the keifer/soy milk.  The oil can be added to either...I also use chia seeds and add those to the kefir/soy milk.

The green drink is made from dried greens like barley grass, wheat grass, etc.  I use "Green Magma Plus" and "Ormus Greens", they both taste pretty good.

Hope that helps!


mi75 writes,  September 24, 2012

starting a new detox late this week...

since i'm still taking Metformin and need to have some food intake, we're doing a vegetable soup/juices detox.

using just about every veggie i can think of, along with morning juicing, and green drink, and thinking of an herbal colon flush...

need to get going seriously. my body is once again toxic and full of junk, things i should not eat, and additives/preservatives.

wish me luck!

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