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mi75 writes,  March 27, 2012

i hope i spelled that right...my question for everybody today is how do you detour sabotage in your plan? i really like my workplace and job, but EVERYONE around me, friends, family, co-workers, etc know that i must follow a no flour/sugar lifestyle for the health of my liver, gut and body.

whenever people around me plan a potluck, or a lunch with professionals, or a picnic, etc., nobody EVER takes this into account. I am understanding that not everybody follows this, but many others in my department follow other diets that seem to always be taken into account. i almost feel like people want to see me fail!

i always bring, or go to YaYa's for roasted chicken and salad, but it would be nice for somebody to buy lunch, just once, that i could enjoy with everyone else!

any suggestions???

Kathleen writes,  March 27, 2012

I always bring my lunch to work even if there is a party, potluck, team lunch, etc.  That way, if there isn't the food of my food plan, I am always prepared.  I've learned that I will always have to make sure my food is ready.  I can't depend on other people.

I've found lots of different items on menus from Asian, Mexican, American, and Italian Restaurants that have food I can eat.  I always try to be involved in the planning of events so I can make sure the food I can have will be there.  Just today, someone brought me in a lunch from a Mexican restaurant that has tortilla strips, tortilla and rice in it.  I thanked them sincerely, and put it in the fridge for later, and by that I really mean that I'm going to give it to my husband.

Jeannie writes,  May 19, 2012

HI. I think people have a difficult time with this because the food companies and even health food stores and alternative bakeries aren't getting it--that is SUGAR AND FLOUR.Gluten free is becoming so trendy and, yes, the actually gluten free flour may be a good thing but when it's used for baking, that's another matter.The baked items are many times loaded with sugar.Then I see people, especially young girls eating up yogurt with fruit, telling me how healthy it is as they offer me some. They think it's healthy because it's fat free. I (tactfully) show them the label 10 to 22 grams of sugar. They gasp. My solution:I have to take my health into my own hands and not depend on anyone.I bring my own food or eat ahead of time.Don't apologize, just don't eat.

Jeannie writes,  May 19, 2012

Another problem I come up with is the answer "Oh, there's just a little bit of sugar". Again, people think we are just "cutting down". So we have to be specific when we ask about sugar. I have been offered food and told it's something I can have. I will say "thank you" and ask about sugar and be told "oh, just a little". I used to oblige but now I don't anymore. I hand it back or put it down. When I ask about flour, the answer will be "Oh, but it's gluten free". Again, no thank you. I also had to learn to say "No Thank You" without feeling bad. 

Linda H writes,  May 30, 2012

Great topic because it's such a common problem.  I had to learn how to put me first, always, no matter what.  Sounds selfish, well it is, finally, but not hurting anyone.  I bring my own breakfast and lunch everyday, no matter what, never leaving any questions as to what I'm eating.  It's worked for me for over 2 years and frankly, now that my size matches my actions (a size 4 from a size 26) no one challenges anything I do with my food and I don't care if they do.  I teach people how to treat me, it's up to me, no one else.  Thanks for the info on this site, it's very helpful.    

mi75 writes,  June 09, 2012

it continues to happen...several co-workers follow WW and their restrictions are ALWAYS taken into consideration. me...well, my eating regulations are completely ignored! it's really frustrating. oh well...i'm great at 'bringing my own' and fending for myself but really. do we ALWAYS have to order deli subs, burritos and pizza? really??? i know i look like a witch to most around me, but it's time for ME again.

Ara1 writes,  June 11, 2012

Great and popular subject, one that doesn't bother me at all.  I am very stubborn by nature and just never give in when other people try to convince me to eat something.  The more they insist, the more stubborn I get.  Sometimes I wish some people like that would be at my side on those evenings when I decide to eat too much of a wrong thing!  I am a true closet eater, enjoying my treats best when all alone late at night, lol.  At gatherings and when out with friends, I have no problem to say no or to order just a salad with no dressing, or to "grill" a waiter or a host about how a piece of meat was prepared! I carry baby carrots and a bottle of water with me just in case there will be no food I want to eat. 

Frankly speaking, at many parties I went to, people serve very cheap food anyway, like half-prepared frozen stuff from Costco and the like, and then they pretend they care about you so much when they worry you do not eat.  My feeing is, if you really cared for me, you would make these dishes from fresh ingredients and from scratch and they would be more healthy and then maybe I would eat them.  So anyway I understand people are too busy and have to serve ready stuff, but then why should I worry to tell them that no, thank you, I can't eat this.  :-)  So if other ignore your dietary needs, you ignore their food, and don't worry about it.

Sarah writes,  June 14, 2012

Good question. I encounter this a lot being a vegetarian living in TX...people think I'm insane! LOL. I actually tell people not to try and bother taking my eating habits into consideration because then if they do try and get it wrong, I look like I'm so much trouble. So I eat around it. If I'm going somewhere where I'm "supposed" to eat but know there won't be much for me, I'll eat before hand. People always want to ask me why I don't eat meat, and then comment on it like it's some weird thing I've just invented... I imagine it's the same way with NSNF. I'm actually finding that I can have plenty to eat and lots of choices with this diet. But yes, it does get annoying to have people overlook your needs or discount them. People like to do that when they don't understand something. Maybe if you bring Dr. Gott's book to work one day and let people see this isn't some crazy idea you had all by yourself...? Also, as they start to see results in you, they'll really get curious and want to eat like you do! :) Good luck!

mi75 writes,  September 10, 2012

well, it's still more of the same. sadly...another person in my department was reading the book and lurking around this site and i thought i might get them on board, but no luck. oh well...it's just really sad to me that everyone knows i do this and they either don't take me seriously or they purposely undermind my principals. i've decided that i'm going to no longer participate in lunches at work, including potlucks and i'm always going to take something that i can have to any other function i go to. thanks for your thoughts

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