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Fran writes,  March 16, 2012

I did wonderful on HOW and lost 70 lbs.  Then 18 months ago I was diagnosed with cancer that returned after 3 months of remission.  So I had 2 different chemo journeys and radiation. Between the mega doses of predisone and chemo and lack of energy I slowly gained most of the weight back. 

I've tried rejoining HOW but I just can't get back into the groove of it.  I know this food plan works and being overweight again has not made me a happy camper.  Do any of you find it hard to get started again with or without the HOW program? Thanks, fran

Sandee writes,  March 16, 2012

Hi Fran,  Thank God that the cancer is in remission!  That is wonderful news!  Have you thought of trying a cleanse?  Look at the "Detoxification" article, that will most likely kick start your body back into gear.  It will quickly purge it of the sugar and toxins that have been accumulation....I would also highly recommend doing a series of colonics as well...your health is worth it.  Love and Light, Sandee

Fran writes,  March 17, 2012

Thanks so much Sandee.  I am so grateful to be cancer free that I feel guilty being down about the weight problem.  I will look up the "detoxification" article. 

Also thank you so much for making this great site available for all of us. 

xo Fran

mi75 writes,  March 19, 2012

fran- hope you found the detox helpful! i feel off of program a while back and in order to helpy me get back on i did a weekend detox. it was very helpful in eliminating the sugar cravings for me. in addition i bought a juicer and continue to juice daily!

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