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mi75 writes,  March 12, 2012

could use some good suggestions here for finally getting off caffeine (POP, to be specific!)... i am a self-professed Mtn Dew (diet) addict. i drink at least 32 oz almost every day. i LOVE the taste of Mtn Dew, but also i know my body has become completely dependent on the caffeine content.

i've tried to come off of it in the past, and honestly have done it several times. but each time i start back up with the pop, i drink more than i did before and hence, the addiction becomes worse.

any suggestions for WHAT to sub with? i need that carbonation (at least to start my process) and could probably use a little caffeine too...thinking of going with Sandee's Pepsi max for a while and doing 1 per day until i'm past the caffeine withdrawl and then weaning off altogether. i don't foresee myself going cold turkey because i'm a nurse, working 5 days a week and the headaches and physical symptoms i will have could prevent me from focusing at work.


Penny writes,  June 03, 2012

Excedrin has caffeine in it..wean with that and it will help headache too..I drink soda water with squeeze of fresh lime piece..like the carbonation too.

mi75 writes,  August 31, 2012

still struggling...but i've found a few options for substituting. i crave te taste of the pop and still indulge, but i think my amounts are definitely lessening and i'm finding other ways to refocus.

one product that i really like is the ocean spray diet cranberry 'pop' (for lack of better term). they come in the juice aisle, have no sugar, and have a very light taste and lots of carbonation. doing the trick for me! i'm weaning off of the caffeine still but i'm planning a detox for next weekend so hopefully that will close the book on my caffeine issues.

also starting a new workout regimen and that should help. getting back ON program is tough, and probably harder because i really feel like my body is full of sludge right now...

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