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Cannot find Suar free yogurt  
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Weezie writes,  March 10, 2012
mi75 writes,  March 10, 2012

it's an issue that we have all had in the past. the ONLY one i can ever find is this:

get the BIG container of unflavored plain yogurt, add chopped up fruit AND a little bit of 'all fruit' spread (sugar free jam). this makes it JUST like real yogrt and the only way i'll eat it!

Sandee writes,  March 10, 2012

Stoneyfield plain, that's my favorite and it's organic.  I believe that Dannon plain may be okay too....but check the ingredients before you buy it.  Yes!  Add fruit, stevia, alcohol-free flavors, Toranni's sugar free syrups...there is so much you can do : )

mi75 writes,  August 29, 2012

wondering if anybody has tried any of the Greek style yogurts with no added sugars? i would like to try and add some new foods to my menu and i really miss pre-mixed yogurts. so easy, but FULL of HFCS and sugars! i don't know if i would be a fan of greek style because i'm told it's very thick and tangy. any reviews???/ thanks!

Sandee writes,  August 31, 2012

I like the plain Greek yogurt with added stevia and flavors.....I have not seen it in organic though, so I usually don't buy it.

Georgette writes,  September 18, 2012

The thing you need to look for on the yogurt container is the ingredient list, not the list of how much sugar, fat, etc. yogurt has milk sugar as does milk. The ing. List is the only thing that counts on a sugar free and flour free food plan. I am on CEA-HOW.


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