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Vanessa writes,  March 03, 2012

I can't find my "Forever Abstinent" booklet! :(

I finally saw my doctor and talked to him about HOW and pregnancy, and he directed me to follow the maintenance phase while I'm pregnant. Now I can't find the booklet to see what it says! All I have is the tri-fold. Boo. Does anyone have it?
I'm 5'4" (it's by height, right?)

Thanks! I hope someone can help...

Vanessa :)

Kathleen writes,  March 06, 2012

How is it going Vanessa?  My husband and I are TTC, and so far I've lost 20 pounds.  I am only 28 more away from being at my ideal weight.  It's nice to hear that people are still having success.  If you go to Ceahowhearitnow, you can find a link to a forum at a CEAHOW conference where they talk about being pregnant and doing CEA-HOW.  I was pretty amazed to find that you don't have to adjust the food plan too much during and after pregnancy. 

Vanessa writes,  March 07, 2012

I'm not sure what TTC means!? What is that... :) Sorry...

That sounds like a great topic! I'll look that up, I love the CEA-HOW-hear it now website :)

I finally spoke to my doctor, they said to begin the maintenance food plan while I'm pregnant and they would monitor my weight loss/gain/etc and let me know if I should make more adjustments. I don't have a ton of weight to lose (maybe 25-30 more lbs), and I guess they just didn't want me on a restricted food plan for now. They wanted me to have the good fats and so on.

I'll DEFINitelY check out the talk you mentioned though! Sounds great.

Kathleen writes,  March 08, 2012

TTC means trying to conceive.  I liked the discussion on the ceahowhearitnow website because I was afraid getting pregnant meant that all plan following was off and it was eat whatever you are craving (on weight watchers you have to quit going if you are pregnant).  When I heard that the plan can be followed by consulting with a doctor and adding in healthy food, I felt so much better.  I'm about 25 pounds away from my goal weight too, but having a baby is a much higher priority if that ends up happening just like in your case.  The weight can come off later.

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