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Karen R. writes,  February 24, 2012

Hi All,  I have been off the site a bit but decided today is a good day to jump back on.  Last June I lost 30 pounds on No Sugar, Wheat or Flour (No SWF).   I could not believe the weight loss and was not ready for maintenance.  I eventually gained most back.  Feb. 1st I started again at 159 lbs (5'0") and 45 (almost 46) years old.  As of yesterday I lost 10.2 pounds.  Not bad for 23 days.   I want to see 109 again...   I'm a terrible cook but realize this time around I have to do more than throw veggies with chicken or shrimp in a pan and call it dinner.  Evenings are tough as I have a child with some special needs so his activities from 3:30 on keep me busy.  Any good and quick recipes are always welcome.  As I come up with some of my own I will post them as well.   Always looking for some "buddies" to chat with online so let me know if anyone is interested.  Good luck to all who are on this journey too!


Vanessa writes,  February 29, 2012

I know this isn't for everyone but I do know when I make two (I make enough for two meals) of something freez-able, I am always so grateful to have an easy meal ready to pop in the oven! It takes some planning but preparing somethings ahead of time, or keeping staple foods sliced and ready to go may help cut down on prep-time if you can prep some in the morning or a day ahead and then just toss together a stir-fry etc.

What part of cooking do you suck at? Seasoning? Ideas for meals? There are lots of good recipes on this site.

Some meals I like are really simple, I have visited Israel a number of times and I noticed middle eastern meals are often a bunch of little side dishes (salads, spreads, veggies, etc) and then a main course/protein. So a lot of the time lately that's how my meals are, because we eat mostly vegetarian food. I might make a cucumber/tomato salad, vegetable soup with beans, and some cheese, carrot sticks, pickles; it's not too time consuming.

Anyway just some ideas, you can get outside the "box" you've been in :) and of course I weigh and measure everthing and all that. I'm on Skype, TobiahandVanessa is our screen name, we're both abstinent in HOW.

Do you go to meetings where you live? There are phone-bridge meetings, too.

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