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Vanessa writes,  February 20, 2012

I'm going to talk to my doctor as soon as I can about this, but in the meantime - has anyone on these lovely forums had experience staying abstinent while pregnant? I'm 6 weeks so I'm not too worried. However, I'm still in the "weight loss' mode of eating and I keep reading that I shouldn't be trying to lose weight while I'm pregnant. Should I do the "maintenance" food plan until I have the baby, so I have the ability to add more foods in "legal" amounts?
OPinions? Thoughts? Experiences?

Thank yOU :)

Vanessa writes,  February 20, 2012

(I'm 52 days in HOW< following the post-30 day food plan with ONE serving of grain per day to continue aiding my weight LOSS). I have a sponsor/etc, she's helping me work on this, but she wants me to see the Dr. too.

All I want to eat at dinnertime is FRUIT and I CAN'T eat salad, I just hate it right now. I used to eat HUGE salads. :( So everything's sort of backwards.

Sandee writes,  February 21, 2012

Hi Vanessa,  Take the food plan to your doctor and ask her/him to guide you.

Vanessa writes,  March 07, 2012

In case this helps anyone else...

Because I couldn't consume the quantities I could before I got pregnant fue to my weird hormonal appetite, my sponsor immediately worked out adding a bit of fat and fruit to my diet (since fruit was one of the only foods that I can stomach most of the time).We decided to split my meals into 4 to make sure I'm eating enough, since I'm not eating as much lately and I get panicked and hungry when I don't eat enough, and eat 3 meals. That helped a lot.

Then, my doctor told me NOT to try to lose weight at this point, the baby doesn't need me to gain a lot of weight right now in my first trimester but they did NOT want me on any kind of restrictive phase of the diet, so I should proceed to the maintenance phase of the food plan, and they would monitor my weight loss/gain as I add more fats/fruits/grains etc into my food plan going forward.

They said they would keep track of my weight and let me know if I should increase or reduce the amount of food based on what happens and how the baby's doing.

I was also told to take certain supplements (DHA, from a non-fish source) in addition to my prenatal vitamins...

So that's what I'm doing, though I haven't bought the DHA yet and I am seeing what happens, because I don't want to go crazy eating too much "maintenance food" and gaining a bunch of weight - I just want to make sure I'm not losing rapidly like I started out. Weird problem to have for a food addict, hah!

Anyway, if you read this and you're pregnant - or seeking medical abstinence of some kind, talk to your doctor about your situation. I found it very reassuring to finally hear from a professional.

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