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HeatherAB77 writes,  February 09, 2012

Hi Everyone,


I am posting my food for tomorrow if anyone who knows cea-how or sponsors cea-how would you please tell me if this is ok... someone told me it was wrong but want to make sure. It's my plan for tomorrow....


3Tbs Oatbran

1/2C ricotta cheese

2oz dried cherries

1C coffee



1 cup jicama, onion, and green chilies

3oz chicken

1/2oz cheese

1cup green beans

1/4cup salsa



1 1/2C Spaghetti Squash

3/4C spaghetti sauce

3/4C onion, peppers and mushrooms

4oz ground beef

2Tbs dressing


Sandee writes,  February 10, 2012

It looks fine to me...you could add...and I would....1 tsp of oil at each meal.

Vanessa writes,  February 19, 2012

I noticed only one thing that looks a teeny bit off - but in general it looks fine!

Technically, the spaghetti sauce should he 1/2 a cup for a condiment, but I don't think that's a big deal - and make sure it has sugar listed 5th or lower on the ingredients!!! Most of them have a lot of sugar.

I want to encourage you to get a postage scale and WEIGH your veggies if you possibly can! Even if you weigh one serving at lunch and one at dinner.  I feel like 3/4 or 1 cup is SOOoOOooo small, (unless this is working for you and you feel good with these amounts!) However, I know my sponsor measures. My husband and I weigh everything almost everything; do what works for you. Just know if you feel famished - you get a bit more food if you get scale and weigh your veggies.

For me, 1 cup of veggies doesn't hold me over until the next meal. But my sponsor does just fine on it! It might be because I'm 32 and she's like, 62 though :)

The 1 tsp of oil is technically optional, but if you're cooking it's sort of hard to cook without a little oil, so I'd also suggest adding it in.

The oil will help you keep your "staying power" according to the HOW literatue - it helps hold us over from meal to meal. Do you have the booklet "Forever Abstinent?"

HeatherAB77 writes,  March 18, 2012

Hi Vanessa,


Would u mind exchanging email address? I would love to talk to you a little more if possible.


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