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HeatherAB77 writes,  February 04, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if after your first 30 days did most of you incorporate grains/starches back into your plan or did you do the initial first 30 days for a bit longer to lose more weight and gain more clarity. If you did ad grain/starches did you continue to lose weight or was it slow and painful to come off? I did CEA-HOW over ten years ago and honestly I did the first 30 day plan for three months then my sponsor quit program to pursue something else and I had to find another sponsor and the sponsor I found did not do CEA-HOW so I switched plans and till lost weight but it was a lot slower. Anyway, I do know it is not about just the weight. It is about clarity and better quality of life.

Thanks everyone for your help. I am currently looking for a CEA-HOW sponsor I just have not found one yet. So in the mean time I hope you don't mind answering my millions of questions and  helping me. :)


Blessings to you all,



Sandee writes,  February 08, 2012

2 grains are allowed back in after the 1st 30 days, but they are optional.

Mary D writes,  February 11, 2012

I support you in finding a sponsor. My sponsor helped me introduce the grains slowly. We first started with 1 oz (Ezekiel Bread, 1 slice). I am on maintenence. I lost another 1/2 pound after the first week, so we just added another 1 oz portion.

Having somone help me figure it out is key to my recovery because my complusive mind wants to control and "play" with my food!

wishing you the best, md

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