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HeatherAB77 writes,  February 03, 2012

Hi Everone,

Tomorrow is my last day of my first 30 days but I am out of oatbran and I was wondering if some of you can  give me suggestions for breakfast's that are filling but do not include oatbran. I want something filling so I do not get hungry between breakfast and lunch.



Vanessa writes,  February 19, 2012

Hope you worked it out...

Fresh fruit that has lots of fiber, like a big banana or a cup of pineapple or mixed fruit... and one of the higher "volume" dairies like Yogurt?

Dry fruit doesn't do it for me... Personally. Without that oat bran (or oatmeal) I haven't really found a good alternative to hold me over between meals. You can have oatmeal after the first 30 days at least! Are you transitioning onto the grains okay?

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