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HeatherAB77 writes,  February 02, 2012

Hi Everyone,


On CEA-HOW if you are NOT on maintenance is 1/8 avacado allowed? If so is it considered a veggie or fat? If considered a fat would it equal my 2TBS dressing or 1TBS fat allowed at dinner or is it equivalent to a tsp of butter or oil?




Kelly writes,  February 03, 2012

Hi Heather in the Forever Abstinent book which is one of our main pieces of literature Avocado is a maintenance food and it is a fat, hope this helps :-)

Vanessa writes,  March 07, 2012

I found the description of fats confusing, especially in the newer literature like the tri-fold food plan, where the only list of fats included is the maintenance list of fats.

My sponsor finaly told me, after the first 30 days, I could use 1 tsp of any of the fats that would be measured by a teaspoon - so I could have 1 tsp of mayo, or 1 tsp of butter (before reaching maintenance). She did not say I could add the foods that equal a fat though (olives, avocado, etc).

Hope that helps too, because this was something I found really confusing - I thought the only fat I could have was oil for a long time! It was nice to be able to vary it finally.

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