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HeatherAB77 writes,  February 01, 2012

Hi Everyone,


So I went to this website that I either read about or heard about sorry I can not remember which. Anyway and I have questions about some of her recipes. They are based on south beach diet but some seem abstinent or can be altered to be abstinent according to cea how. the website is kaitlyns kitchen or something like that. If anyone knows what I am talking about and has recipes from her website that are cea-how abstinent please let me know. I apprecite it!!!




Vanessa writes,  February 19, 2012

Why don't you paste in a couple of recipes that appealed to you and we can help you tailor it to HOW eating?

mi75 writes,  February 27, 2012

the site is kalyns kitchen. she did SB and lost a TON of weight and has maintained it for years. i posted the site here on sandee's site in a thread  about a year ago. LOVE her recipes. good luck!!

HeatherAB77 writes,  March 18, 2012

Would you mind telling me if you have problems with any of her recipes on cea- how??? Would u mind sharing some of your favorite recipes from her that you eat on cea-how????



mi75 writes,  March 19, 2012

heather- i don't do CEA-HOW, i am a dr gott follower. our programs are similar. however, i DO find problems with some of kalyn's recipes that are 'phase 2 or 3' on south beach because that's when they start adding flours back into the south beach program.

when i DO find a good recipe that i want to use, i just amend it to fit my eating plan. i LOVE her baked pesto chicken (think chicken tenders, pesto and mozz cheese baked until ooy-gooey!!). i also love her taco soup, and if you are on her site, on the far left side of the screen you can scroll down and you will see a header that says 'phase 1 recipes'. that's where you want to go, all of those are flour and sugar free!

busmomma1 writes,  March 19, 2012

mi75...could you email me if you get a chance.  I am starting dr. gotts and if you have done it for awhile I could use some help.  chrish511@yahoo.com.  thanks

mi75 writes,  March 20, 2012

SURE- i would be happy to! tonight probably...i too had a ton of questions about Dr Gott and was so frustrated when i first started because there are really NO websites out there that have discussion forums for his plan other than one i found on sparkpeople. but it's really pretty quiet there, most of the members have left! i'll write you soon

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