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HeatherAB77 writes,  January 30, 2012

Hi Everyone,


I was wondering because I am a little confused. For those of you who do CEA-HOW food plan can you please tell me if you still eat whole grain chips, pasta, and anything else ith whole wheat flour? Doesn;t Durem wheat pasta still have flour  in it???

Please advise because I have always been told that other than Ezekial bread and ezekial tortillas nothing else such as pasta (unless made from soy) is allowed. Also I have been told that on CEA-HOW no wheat cereals were allowed either.


Thanks so Much!!!




Sandee writes,  January 31, 2012

No flour of any kind.  Whole durham wheat pasta...if that is the only ingredient...is okay. 

Do you have a sponsor?

HeatherAB77 writes,  January 31, 2012

Hi Sandee,


I do not have a sponsor. My Dr. Gave me this food plan because I have pcos and I have had difficulty losing weight because of it.

If you are willing to help me I would be most appreciative. Any suggestions or sponsoring me would be greatly received. Please let me know I can use all the help I can get.




Sandee writes,  February 02, 2012

If you go to ceahow.org you will find a list of meetings, hopefully in your area.  If not, or in addition, there is a link for "phone bridge" meetings.  You can attend some of those, sponsors will identify themselves at the meeting and give their numbers for contact.

Hope that helps : )

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