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Abbie writes,  January 24, 2012

Today I got a phone call from my mother who told me that her chiropractor told her to start a new diet. This diet is suppose to eliminate all flour, all sugar, all potato and all pasta from her diet. Apparently she can eat as much meat, fruit, vegetables, nuts and berries as she'd like. She is a 62 year old overweight woman with diabetes. I'm concerned about this diet and if it is really, truly safe (especially for a diabetic). I know her chiropractor would never purposefully advise something bad for her, but at the same time, he's not her personal physician. I have been in the medical field for years, but I'm not very fluent with diets. I know carbs are needed for energy and with this diet it seems like she'll be eliminating that. 

I'd like to hear input from you guys to find out what you think. Is this really safe? Does it really work? Should I suggest that my mother talk to her primary physician before starting this sort of a diet? I came here because this was the first website that popped up when I Googled her new diet plan and you seem to have the whole package available for dieters. I hope you can all help me out and possibly reassure me. Thank you all in advance for your help!


mi75 writes,  January 25, 2012

hi abbie-well, those of us here can still have potato and pasta (as long as it's whole corn, rice, or durham wheat pasta), so her diet sounds similar, but not entirely what we do...the diet it SOUNDS like he is suggesting is called the Paleo Diet and popular with fitness enthusiasts. also very popular with infertility clinics as it is found to reverse a type if infertility problem called PCOS...there is a big website online about that particular diet. as far as no flour no sugar, we all LOVE it, and it does amazing things for our bodies! has normalized people's blood sugars and blood insulins, corrected liver issues, eliminated body toxins, etc. incredible lifestyle! folks who take insulin or insulin-sensitizing medications would want to check with their doctor FIRST, to make sure that their dosing wouldn't need to be changed. good luck, i hope it all works out!

Sandee writes,  January 25, 2012

Hi Abbie,

I agree with the types of foods, but not necessarily the amounts...if she is used to eating a lof of processed foods though, the change to healthy foods is definitely better.  If she focuses more on the vegetables, and has limited amounts...but balanced amounts of the protein, (using legumes, tofu and other vegetable proteins as well...not the processed ones), fat and fruits she may be able to get it back under control.   However, her eating habits  are most  likely what got her into the position that she is in now and may need more structure and help with that.  It's not easy to get someone to change their eating habits unless they want to.  There are  many good things to eat on this site to get her going, and let us know how she's doing and if you need more help.

Abbie writes,  January 25, 2012

Thank you so much for your input on this. I'm struggling with this for her sake and also for my sake because she asked me to do this with her. She needs an accountability person because she has 62 years of bad eating habits. I am NOT thrilled with the idea of giving up that stuff (I am a HUGE pasta/bread freak), but if it means a healthier mother and potentially having her around for more years, then I'm willing to make the sacrafice (plus it'll help me too!). I will definitely keep you guys posted on how this goes. I'll also look into the Paleo Diet. Thank you for mentioning that. Even if that is the exact diet she's suppose to follow, I plan on sticking around in here. It's nice to have an outlet during an "adventure" like this. All I can say is that I'm going to need a lot of prayers during these next few weeks/months while we get this underway. LOL  Thanks again! Any other comments are still welcome. I'll be taking in advice and suggestions like a sponge!

mi75 writes,  January 28, 2012

abbie- best of luck with this lifestyle...i started it too, when i didn't necessarily WANT to commit to this lifestyle, but my doctor said i HAD to, if i wanted to have a normal lifespan!

under my doc's direction, i follow the Dr Gott lifestyle, which is no flour/sugar, and through sandee and this site, i've also learned to limit or eliminate trigger/addictive foods. believe me, it was hard at first, but also exciting because all my co-workers were really taking note of how i did. in my first 10 days i lost 7 lbs, and have steadily lost when i am strictly following plan. i've 'fallen off' a few times but each time i come back because i KNOW this is the best plan for my body!

 just take it day by day...each day will be easier and you will find all sorts of neat substitutes! BTW- you CAN still have pasta, if it's whole durham wheat, AND bread (Ezekial brand seems to be most popular here) within the plan.

Abbie writes,  February 02, 2012

I'm not sure which diet it is that my mom is suppose to follow. I'm trying to get her to get more information the next time she sees this doctor. There is no way I can give up all my favorite foods at once, so right now I'm focusing on just giving up the sugar. I struggle every single day though because I work at a job where I am surrounded by food. There's always candy and junk food staring at me. Right now my will-power and determination is being tested and I do not like it one little bit. 

Sandee writes,  February 02, 2012

It really helps to plan your meals ahead, really good ones, that you like and that fit what you are doing.  Rather than struggeling with the food just tell yourself not now, then remind yourself why you want to be healthy/thin, etc.  You are stronger than the candy....but not after the first bite : )

Vanessa writes,  March 03, 2012

My former roommate did the paleo diet while I had started the CEA-HOW food plan (no sugar, flour, wheat) - and we found they were similar. Although he did eat potatoes, he would only eat them baked at home, and in moderation. He ate proteins, vegetables, and things like baked red potatoes or oatmeal in the morning.

As far as not having carbohydrates, maybe the chiropractor gave your mom some guidelines for that? Is she eliminating them permanently, for a certain time (common when trying to get people off the toxic foods) -and so on. I would ask if HEALTH GRAINS AND CARBS wil be re-introduced (and at what rate).

In CEA-HOW I have seen it is common to try adding one grain back at a time after the first 30 days of the food plan, in order to keep us from triggering our compulsive eating, and making it more easy to see the changes we have from adding the grains and starches again.

Plus, Your mom should be able toe at plenty of healthy carbs. Fruit and veegtables ALL HAVE CARBS :) Also , foods like squash are higher in carbs, or sweet potatoes (are the eliminated too?) - they also offer vital nutrients! They are super healthy.

Planning ahead, timing meals sensibly, and for your mom, regularly to maintain her blood sugar... I would hope your mom's doctor gave her some guidance, so she doesn't have a steak with a little side of vegetables - I like the fact that my CEA-HOW meals are like, 3/4 veggies and 1/4 (or less) protein. It makes my body feel great.

All the best.

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