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Angela writes,  January 07, 2012

It's 3:05pm and I've had my breakfast drink and "lunch" of juiced carrots, a beet, an apple and perhaps a little too much ginger.  (I had to mix it with almond milk to tone down the ginger).  It hasn't been too hard so far, as I was busy running errands all morning, but on the way home I was ready to chew my own hand off!  Thank goodness we made it home before that happned.


As I'm preparing my drink, I'm watching my family get out the leftovers and heat themselves up a plate.  I think we forgot to mention the joy of eating and how hard it would be to give that up, even though I just started this.  I think about the smell of the food I've lovingly prepared for my family last night (homemade salisbury steak with mashed potatoes and roasted green beans in olive oil and garlic).  I can almost taste the flavors and how well they all blended together in my stomach like cotton around my heart.  Pure comfort food at it's finest.  


However, I did not give in and the fact that I only fantasized on that magical plate of food, I enjoyed and savored the flavors in my juice drink and imagined how it was nourishing every cell in my body and laying a foundation for healthy habits and new tastes in the future.  For the future me.  For the woman I've been trying to transition to for the last couple years.  So, I'm feeling confident that I can make it through these first three days (and still live) and I look forward to chewing food again!!


But, still, a part of me reeaalllly would like a piece of that Turtle Chocolate Cake I made yesterday. . . . .


Sandee writes,  January 08, 2012

You can do it Angela!!!  I'm so glad to have you on this journey with me : )

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