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sherry writes,  January 04, 2012

We have a new Trader Joes in our area...since I am new to the no flour/no sugar way of life...is there favorites that you can recommend?

Sandee writes,  January 06, 2012

Lots!  I love that store : )  They have some really nice grain or rice blends, organic broths that I make them in, the "Every day Seasoning" is a favorite around here.  They have lovely teas, oils, dried fruits, raw and roasted nuts, a nice seletion of organic meats, eggs, dairy and tofu.  Give yourself at least an hour when you go so you can really take it all in....for such a little store, it really is a power house.

sherry writes,  January 06, 2012

thank you!!  I am on my way to the store...I lost my husband in June, so this is a new beginning for me, I am trying to make it a better year with a better outlook on life and taking care of me.

Sandee writes,  January 08, 2012

I'm sorry Sherry.  I'm so glad to hear your positive outlook!  Lots of Love and Light to you!

Mary D writes,  January 15, 2012

Hi Sherry, so sorry to hear about your loss and so happy that you are finding a new way of living . . .

I usually buy all my veggies and fruits there and the meat is very good. I'm usually very careful around the processed foods, I have to read the labels carefully to make sure that there is no sugar or flour or that these ingredients are at least 5th or lower on the list of ingredients. It's amazing how these two ingredients make it in so many foods, even at trader joe's

When I start eating grains again, I'm in my first 30 days of CEA-HOW, I'll probably pick up some brown rice tortillas, Thin Mini Edamame crackers and other rice crackers that TJ's has.

Best to you and keep us posted on your progress . . . remember it is progress not perfection! :)

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