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Smithy writes,  July 11, 2011


I am very new to ALL of this but firmly believe in my heart that this is the direction I'm to head into! I have researched everything ( recently purchased books) I could get my hands on the begin this new lifestyle. But as with anything, I never can figure out just where to begin! Im a checklist kinda girl and I was wondering if anyone can remember just HOW they started and began all this. I figure I have about 25+ lbs to lose. I sooo desperately need a starting point today even before I receive the books. I purchased Dr. Gott's cookbook, Get the sugar out 501 ways, SugarBusters ckbk & shopping guide, Sugar Blues & record ALL of Dr Oz too!

Can someome please help with just getting organized and started before I overwhelm myself and get frustrated! Please...

Sandee writes,  July 12, 2011

Hi Smithy, 

I personally went and go to "Cea HOW", you can go to ceahow.org to locate a meeting near you, or a phone meeting.

Have a great day!

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