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mi75 writes,  June 21, 2011

What brand of nacho chips do you like best that are on plan? I LOVED this one off-label brand i found some time ago at Big Lots but they don't carry it any longer. I also have found that I LOVE the Tostito multi-grain kind, but they have flour in them! boo hoo...

so...any good suggestions? i love to make warm refried beans with fresh salsa and eat with chips for lunch all the time, but haven't had it in a while

virginia writes,  June 21, 2011

the artisan tostitos,does not have flour or sugar.

Michael writes,  July 08, 2011

Or, if you watn to go the extra-pure route, try brushing corn tortillas with olive oil, toasting, and then salting.  A great alternative to tortilla chips/nachos, and not only

but also no added chemicals!

Brandi writes,  July 30, 2011

Target carries an AMAZING blue corn tortilla chip that I love (no flour or sugar, of course).

I also love to have Fritos with Mexican.  Use as dip or top on my Mexican salad!

Mary D writes,  January 15, 2012

Michael, great suggestion! when I can have some grains, I'm going to try this!

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