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BRAT diet on no sugar/no flour - help!  
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Cheryl Q writes,  June 09, 2011

My doctor is insisting I follow a BRAT diet until the gastritis I've been suffering with clears up.

BRAT = bananas, rice applesauce and toast (dry toast). She also said no dairy, so I've replaced my daily yogurt with hard boiled eggs.

I can't handle bananas or rice because I also have hypoglycemia and they really set me up for a blood sugar crash, which makes things like driving and working really difficult.

I've been eating apples, both raw and baked. And instead of the toast part of BRAT, I've been eating whole grain puffed cereal and cereal cakes (like rice cakes but mine are made of spelt). I've also been eating really overcooked, mushy vegetables. No salads for now. Trying to still eat the food groups on my FA plan, and my sponsor is accommodating. She suggested almond milk as a protein.

Has anyone encountered this? If so, what did you eat? All suggestions from anyone would be greatly appreciated.



Sandee writes,  June 09, 2011

I don't think that almond milk has protein....soy milk does though and I also use Sun Warrior Protein powder...it's raw and vegan.

I had barretts esophogus when I started this eating plan, (I follow cea how, but I think that they are similar), and due to the regularity of it and taking out the garbage food, it healed.

Brown rice shouldn't make your blood sugar go high, juicing is also a good way to get your vegetables and give your digestive system a rest.  Aloe vera juice is very good for healing the digestive track too.

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