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Melanie writes,  June 06, 2011

I need some encouragement and advice.  I've been "no sugar, no flour" for 2 full months now.  I first started with Dr. Gotts and then through Google searching, found this website.  I lost 4lbs the first week then a few more here and there, but continue to go up and down between 6lbs and 9lbs not going any lower.  I really need to lose 30 and am getting frustrated.  Any advice?

Doug writes,  June 06, 2011

Are you exercising?

Cheryl Q writes,  June 07, 2011

Melanie, first of all, congratulations on sticking with the no sugar.no flour part. That is a big hurdle to get over, and you should feel very good about what you're doing. My question to you would be, what else are you eating? Slow weight loss can be caused by too much food, but also, surprisingly, by too little food. Your body needs a certain amount of food every day to sort of stoke the furnace of your metabolism, and to make sure it doesn't think you're starving yourself, which can cause your metabolism to slow WAY down, trying to conserve every bit of energy it can in case there's a food shortage.

I have honestly seen a person losing weight really, really slowly (in fact in a complete plateau for 6 months), who started dropping pounds again when she had more food added. Are you using a program or trying to do it on your own? Certainly if you're in a 12-step and have a sponsor, that's the person you should be working with to tweak your food plan (and your doctor, of course). If you're doing it on your own, you can try a site like fitclick.com (I have no affiliation with the site; just find it's one of the easiest to use for tracking daily nutrition). See how many calories you're getting, and what the site recommends you need to be eating to achieve your goal. There are other sites that can also help you choose a realistic goal weight and give you some numbers in terms of how many calories it will take to maintain at that goal, and how many calories you need to be eating now in order to lose the weight. Please don't make the mistake of thinking the less you eat the faster you will get there. It really is a "tortoise and hare" situation, where slow and steady wins the race. But it isn't a race, either - please try to get your mind around that. If you're going to succeed and keep the weight off, you absolutely need to change the way you eat and your relationship with food FOREVER!!! So really, what difference does it make if you get to goal in 3 months, 6 months, a year? The only thing that will change is that you'll be able to start building a wardrobe of clothes that will fit you every time you put them on. 

You can do it!!! But please do it wisely.

Melanie writes,  June 07, 2011

Thank you for the advice.  Yes, I am excercising, have been for years but it never made a difference in my clothing size.  I do it for heart reasons.  As far as a program, I'm just kind of winging it.  I've wanted to lose 30 lbs for quite some time and a friend said she quite eating flour and sugar and lost 20 in a 5 months.  So I googled and found Dr. Gott's cookbook to get a start on things.  Other than that, I'm just watching labels and eating when I'm hungry. I definitely don't go hungry and was amazed at how much I CAN eat.

Cheryl Q writes,  June 09, 2011

Since you are eating whenever you're hungry, I doubt your problem is too little food. Do you track what you eat? I use fitclick.com, which is a really easy way to find out how many calories, carbs, etc. you are eating. The first couple of times you enter your daily food can be a bit time consuming, but just make sure to "favourite" everything you eat on a regular basis, and also if there are meals that have a lot of the same components every day, you can favourite the whole meal, and then dump it back into another day's menu and swap out or delete the things that are different.

If you haven't been tracking what you eat, I'd really recommend starting right away to write down everything. You might be surprised at how much you're consuming. Even though foods are sugar-free and flour-free, you still need to manage your total caloric intake in order to lose weight.

Hope that helps!


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