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what kind of bread can u have?Help  
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virginia writes,  May 18, 2011
Sandee writes,  May 23, 2011

Ezekiel and 7 Grain Sprouted Bread....Kroger carries both of these....the health food stores do too.

Cheryl Q writes,  May 26, 2011

I can't have bread, but I do use Suzie's brand "thincakes" which are like rice cakes only made with other grains (my fave is the spelt and flax). They're not quite the same as slice of bread, but they work for some things.

I also use lettuce roll-ups and cook leeks and roll them across the grain (easier to bite that way) rather than with the grain, and they are good to stuff things into. My next venture is going to be cabbage rolls stuffed with ground beef, quinoa (or rice), some Pam-fried onions and mustard - or maybe a shot of tamari. Tricky to get the weights right when weight each item separately first (veg, grain, protein), but should be doable.

I'll post a recipe if I can make it work.




Michael writes,  July 08, 2011

I would try rice flour tortillas- Trader Joe's, and I believe Whole Foods have them, and they're really satisfying

Lynda writes,  July 12, 2011

remember, sprouted bread is in the freezer section....they also make tortilas and flatbread.

mi75 writes,  July 26, 2011

rice FLOUR tortillas would not be allowed on No Flour/No Sugar or CEA-HOW...no flour of any type allowed! there are pretty much only whole corn torttillas. these would be o.k. i am a huge fan of Ezekial bread...

Brandi writes,  July 30, 2011

I saw flour-free bread at Costo.  I think it was Alvarado or something.  It comes in a two pack.  I freeze my bread, so it was too much for me.  I buy mine at Trader Joes.

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