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brooke writes,  April 01, 2011

hey! i'm really excited to start this lifestyle and realize how necessary it is for sustainable health.  however, i am wondering if eating this way is quite expensive or if i can do it on about $50/week for one person.

brooke writes,  April 01, 2011

also, is it ok to still have one small sugar or flour treat per week? just wondering so i dont freak out from deprivation and make it worse.

mi75 writes,  April 02, 2011

Hi Brooke- you'll find that this lifestyle is pretty budget friendly. Stock up on your lean meats, fresh fruits and veggies, rice, eggs, oatmeal, flour free bread, PB, popcorn, sugar free salad dressing,  grits, and some frozen fruits/veggies to start with. that will get you a LONG way...i'd say for one person you can do it for about $25 per week..really watch your sales for frozen bag veggies and buy your lean meats in bulk and freeze in portions...for the most part we pretty much all abstain from sugar/flour...you'll find that as you eliminate these things from your diet your body will actually STOP wanting them. i follow Dr Gott but many here do the CEA-HOW program. Dr Gott has many great recipes in both his books for alternatives to our favorites. for MY weekly sweet snack I eat the oatmeal 'cookie dough' recipe that's in the orange book. it's just like the real thing!!!!

Loretta writes,  May 11, 2011

Whoo is Dr. Gott?

mi75 writes,  May 13, 2011

Dr Gott is a well-known family physician who has had a daily column in many national newspapers for many years. he has a simple, no-fuss plan that basically teaches you how to eat flour and sugar free...he has two books out, one blue and one orange full of great ideas and recipes. my GI doc recommended him to me a couple years ago after she had great success losing over 100 lbs on his program...so easy it's awesome!

Loretta writes,  May 14, 2011

Thanks!  I'll look into it.  I was interested in showing the CEA HOW diets to my doctor but have been unable to find a copy of the maintenance diet online.  Someone said I had to sign up with them and get a sponsor (supervisor?) before I would be able to see the maintenance plan.  I was able to find the starter diet online, though.  This CEA HOW club sounds a little secretive and cultish.  Does anyone know anything about them?  Why won't they let people see their diet before joining?  Do you have to buy it or something?  Weird.

Sandee writes,  May 23, 2011

Hi Loretta,  I don't know why we can't just share the food plan....maybe because it's not just about the food, it's spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.  No, you don't have to buy anything....well, a couple of books, but it's not a money maker by any means....sorry, it's just how the rules are, I didn't write them...but I will honor them.  If it's just a diet that you are looking for, you could use the services of a nutritional consultant....I am one, but I haven't put myself out much for hire yet....that is coming in the near future.

Cheryl Q writes,  May 30, 2011

Hi Loretta,

I don't think anyone is being secretive in not showing you "the maintenance plan." The reason is simply that there IS no maintenance plan. Everyone starts out on the same plan at the beginning, but as you get toward your goal weight things change. A very active person might need more food, while a very sedentary person would need to eat less in order to maintain at goal. A taller or larger-boned person might need more food than a petite person would. Men need more food than women do (generally). A person with blood sugar issues would probably need a bit more protein, and perhaps to eat every 3-4 hours by having snacks with protein in them between meals, while a person with healthy blood sugar would only eat three meals per day. Any other medical conditions might result in a person's doctor making tweaks to their program all along, as mine has (I get nuts between meals and an egg or yogurt at bedtime, for instance). And some people just have faster metabolism than others, so they would require more food in order to not keep losing weight and become underweight, while a person with slow metabolism might have to start taking away food even before they get to their goal weight.

Okay, I can't speak specifically about CEA-HOW, but this is how it's done in FA, which was based on HOW. I can't see how any of these plans would be different. Bottom line: there is no one maintenance plan for any individual because there are too many variables that come into play.

I hope that helps.



Cheryl Q writes,  May 30, 2011

Loretta, if you're interested in FA, you can find out more at www.foodaddicts.org. 

I know it can all seem very strange when you're new to this, but 12-step programs CAN seem a bit secretive and cultish. They really aren't at all cultish, but yes...they are somewhat secretive because of the anonymity factor. Nothing to be afraid of, though, and don't let that uncertainty give you an excuse to not make what may very well be the decision that could change your life forever by getting you on the road to lifelong health and a normal weight. I could cry that i didn't find FA 20 or 30 years ago and save myself years of abuse my body endured with all the yo-yo dieting.

Certainly give it a try, and you can reevaluate as you go along. There isn't much need to have it all figured out before you make the decision. Any one of these programs can be tailored by your doctor to fit your specific health situation. If you find yourself in one that isn't flexible enough for that, DON'T stick with it!


Kit writes,  June 02, 2011

Please don't interpret the lack of information openly available about 12-Step food programs with secrecy and cultishness. The reason these food plans are intentionally not plastered all over the internet is because the food plan is only a tool in our recovery. Too many people think that simply changing what they eat will solve all their problems and so following a certain diet will cure them. Such people will work the food plan as a diet and do nothing to change themselves. When they inevitably fail, they blame it on the program. I don't worry about never being able to eat so-and-so foods ever again because, today, I no longer want to eat those foods. I have no desire for them. That desire, craving, whatever you want to call it, has been removed as a result of WORKING THE STEPS. The way I think and feel about food has changed drastically. I was never a vegetable lover, but I can honesty say I absolutely love the way I eat today and the foods I eat today. I enjoy every single bite. My relationship with food has changed. Food is merely nourishment for my body, as it was meant to be. It is not my best friend, lover or source of excitement in my life. I am no longer a slave to my obsession and compulsion. Setting boundaries around what I eat (using a food plan) has given me tremendous freedom.

Sandee writes,  June 03, 2011

What wonderful testmonies....and worded so nicely!

Cheryl ! writes,  June 07, 2011

Kit! You have so wonderfully expressed the way I feel about FA. It has radically changed my relationship with food. It isn't even remotely JUST a food plan - it's a Way of Life! I've been in the program for 16 months and am within 20 lbs of goal. My friend has been at goal now for a year, and has not regained any of the 100 lbs she lost, nor lost her resolve to continue on with this new life that, as you say, is about so much more than food and eating. I'm just starting step 5, so I have yet to share my 4th step with my sponsor. But I have already learned SO much about myself and why I ate, why I self-sabotaged and why I was so unhappy all the time.

One of the things I say when people ask me if I really can NEVER eat various food items again is, well, first of all, I absolutely CAN eat them again, anytime I choose to. The miracle is that I no longer choose to. But the other thing is that I've eaten all of my former favourite foods thousands of times, over and over again. They have not added one single lasting benefit to my life, whether emotional, mental or physical. On the other hand, they've added considerable grief, from the weight gain and other health issues, but also from the way they left me feeling so guilty and disgusted because I couldn't control myself and ate them even when I knew it was not the healthiest choice for me. Even when I could see what they were doing to my body.

I'm now watching my mom go through chronic kidney disease and congestive heart failure, both directly related to excess weight and poor diet, and being completely powerless and in denial about trying to make better choices. She's literally dying before my eyes from being a food addicts, and it's heartbreaking. I will NOT go down that road. I'm so VERY thankful to have found FA and to be so free now to choose health! And I have become a fruit and vegetable lover too. And don't forget the quinoa, lol.

Penny writes,  June 03, 2012


I loved your response.. I am  a newbie to OA and  this is just how I have been feeling..I have lost my obsession for bad food..for me sugar and flour..I go to mtgs, write my food down and talk to a sponsor. I ask God for help every morning and thank him at night...free at last...it works...if u work it !

Vanessa writes,  August 19, 2012

I want to reinforce what others have said already to articulately - this is about more than a food plan and our 12-step programs acknowledge this by not promoting the food plan as the only tool we need for recovery from compulsive eating or food addiction.

I am a member of CEA-HOW. We do not have FA meetings out here, but we have CEA-HOW and I find that it is a wonderful way of living that helps me really LIVE what I believe is the healthiest way for me to eat. I am not only following the food plan (on a "medical abstinence" because I am pregnant right now); I use the writing and calling my sponsor, and try to incorporate other tools into my days to help me live in freedom from my addiction and the compulsion and negative thinking that go along with my addiction.

Anyway, I encourage you to get on the phonebridge for CEA-HOW or FA and explore what these wonderful recovery "rooms" can do for you if you find that you want to be part of what we're doing.

BUDGET wise... I also want to add, that we found a market that has produce at great discounts; and if you shop well, almost anywhere can be a place for deals. I personally think it's important to get familiar with the "Clean 15" and the "Dirty dozen" - the most pesticide treated and least treated crops in America, because I don't want to load up on pesticides as I load up on veggies and fruits! It helps guide my shopping. I also try to shop SEASONAL, what's on sale is often what's in season (especially here in California). We also have frozen veggies in the house at all times, and cook our beans from scratch (super cheap!)

All the best!

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