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Here's an update on my life...  
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mi75 writes,  March 29, 2011

hi all- it's been a month or so since i've logged on. i've been incredibly busy. DH and I are excited to tell that we're in the process of finalizing an infant adoption. We are actually still waiting to be matched, but we've been through ALL the prelim stuff which took almost a year! so now we feel like we're on the tailend...

second, DD was diagosed with a fairly benign form of epilepsy called Absence Epilepsy. The 'seizures' actually present themselves as a sort of blanked out pause, sometimes midsentence or mid-activity, then she picks right back up. being a nurse, i panicked over this and got her to Ann Arbor ASAP to see a pediatric neurologist. she began medication last december but recent testing shows her brain is still seizing, even though we cannot see the episodes. please pray for her, she's only 7 and we're trying to live a normal life...she will increase her meds and according to her doc, she should outgrow this in about 5-6 years from now...

third, i completely fell off program. yes, i confess...i ate like a complete PIG for the last month. i am generally strong, but for reasons that i'm still trying to identify, one day i just fell. and hard... DH asked me to commit to our healthy lifestyle again. we've been struggling a little, but i'm SO HAPPY to report that for the most part, we are both back on plan. and feeling pretty good. in the 50 days or so i was off program, i gained about 8-10 lbs. can you believe it??? i need to lose that, and then focus on losing more...

so how is everyone here? so happy to be back and re-committed. yay me!!

fran641 writes,  April 04, 2011

mi75 congratulations on the adoption proceedings and I hope you get your baby soon. 

I feel off that wagon too when I started chemo last Nov. and it's been really tough getting back on track since the last chemo in Jan.  The high doses of preds made me want to eat the woodwork.  I am working on losing the 30 lbs. I gained (yep, instead of losing I gained!).

Good luck getting back to that healthy lifestyle! 

By the way my 45 yr. old daughter had seizures that started when she was 4 and her last one was while she was pregnant back in 1984.  No seizures in 26 yrs.  I hope  your daughter outgrows hers soon.   

Blessings, fran

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