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Problems with cutting out sugar too fast  
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Anonymous writes,  August 13, 2008

Does anybody ever complain about cutting out sugar too fast? I had a terrible episode last week after not eating flour or sugar for 5 days when I was hit hard with what I would describe as a Hypoglycemic attack. My mom gets these, my sister and I haven't had this happen in years. I wonder if you can withdraw too fast. I was feeling so good about getting rid of this stuff in my body. After doing it for a few days I thought I could do this long term. I was a huge sugar and chocolate eater. So I'm wondering if I should be eating any sugar at all or do I need some in my diet?

Sandee writes,  August 13, 2008

I quit sugar and flour all at once over 3 years ago and have not touched them since. I do eat fruit and whole grains though...and stevia for a sweetener. Sugar and flour are toxic and when you detox you can have flu like symptoms and your body will scream for you to give it what you are depriving it of...just like cigarettes or other addictive substances. Eating them will make the symptoms temporarily go away, but no, I don't think that you need to keep them in your diet and I strongly urge you not to.

Yes you can detox too quickly and if you are, you may need help. A sign of too quickly is being constipated...your body isn't able to keep up with everything being dumped. In that case you may want to look into colon hydrotherapy/colonics...it gets it out quick...or perhaps a juice fast...refer to Benefits of natural detoxification.I have also had colonics...a little shocking to hear about...but definitely worth looking into. When I was very toxic and overweight I had a series of them done and believe that it helped me very much. I have still had temporary flu like symptoms doing the juice fast like being tired, sweating, nausea, etc., but not since I gave up aspartame...I was eating so much of it that when I quit I got very sick...but it was followed by a great feeling of renewal...the flu like symptoms lasted about 1 1/2 days...normally I feel very clean and energetic on a juice fast because I'm getting all of the nutrition without the work of digestion...and it cleans out any stuck debris. According to Dr. Don Colbert, it's important to not water fast but to juice fast so that your colon stays active in ridding the body of the toxins...it works great for me.

I am not a doctor and these are just my opinions based on personal experience...you need to do what is best for you. I'm sure though that it is not bad for your health to give up sugar and flour completely....it's great for your health, the stuff is poison. If you are in question of anything though, go see your doctor. I am pro natural and pro preventive health, I think we need to stay on top of our health and be very aware of what our bodies are doing, but I still see a family DO, (Osteopathic Medical Doctor) when I have a concern and for regular check ups.

sjs writes,  November 02, 2009

Hi Sandee,

Just wondering if you take the Green Magna powder supplement every day or just when you are doing the juice fast?


Sandee writes,  November 02, 2009

I use the Green Magma every day and the "Waring Pro Juicerator", yes, I would recommend it.  It's a big one and I usually juice lunch and dinner at the same time because it's a big job to clean it up...but worth it.  Funny you should ask this today because I'm doing it today. I have another version too where I eat a grain at each meal, (usually oat bran for breakfast and quinoa for lunch and dinner) and have yogurt....it's still good for the clean out effect.

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