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Can I start this way of eating during pregnancy?  
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Rebeca writes,  February 05, 2011

Hello everyone...

This looks like a great place to be.... I was wondering if I can start this way of eating now... I am 7 months pregnant. I am going to be breastfeeding and I always gain a lot of weight during breastfeeding... my eating habits are bad... I weigh around 240 now.. and I do NOT want to gain more weight.


Thanks for your imput!!

Sandee writes,  February 06, 2011

Without a doubt, you need to check with your doctor....having said that, eliminating processed foods and sticking to clean protein, vegetables, grains, fats and fruits would only be the very best for both you and your baby.  The amounts would be what you would want to talk to your doctor about.

mi75 writes,  February 07, 2011

i recently went through over a year of fertility treatments and my RE told me that I could continue this lifetyle easily during pregnancy as long as I was meeting certain amounts of dairy, protein etc which he gave me an outline for. Definitely check with your doc first. During pregnancy the goal is NEVER to lose weight. p.s. the treatments never worked and we are onward to an adoption!!!!! Good luck to you~!

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