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Kim writes,  January 29, 2011

A co-worker shared this link with me when I commented on her weight loss.  I really want and need to change my eating.  I just don't know where to begin.  I read the detoxification, is that something you should do before you stop the sugar and flour?

Sandee writes,  January 31, 2011

It depends on where you are at.  I started with the detoxification first because I was doing it for spiritual reasons....and I still do that regularly.  It's a great way to "jump start" your system and prepare it for the healthy changes coming in.  You could also start with eliminating the sugars, flours and processed foods from your diet.  If that doensn't answer your question, I'll need some more details from you.  Hope that helps!

Jessica writes,  January 31, 2011

What i am wondering is... are there certain food / measurements that you should eat at each meal.... like 1 oz. grain at b-fast with 4 oz protien, 5oz. fruit.... same for lunch? dinner?

Please , if anyone has the answer... e-mail me at JessicaYankee@att.net

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