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mi75 writes,  January 25, 2011

looking for some inspiring stories from all of you telling about yourself and how this diet changed your life. for me, it helped me get my liver back in good working order and has helped me to get a controlled diet that is easy and do-able.

Debbie writes,  February 07, 2011

I started the no sugar/flour food plan with CEA-HOW July 21, 2010. I have lost 32 pounds! I feel fantastic. The food is fabulous. I usually don't get hungry and if I do I know I have a great meal on its way. I have never eaten so much food At times, I try to see how I can consume less food and stay on the plan which is achievable.

virginia  writes,  May 18, 2011

i am doing the no flour,no sugar diet also.i feel great and have losted 22 lbs in 4 months

Sandee writes,  May 23, 2011

Good job Virginia!!!

Doug writes,  May 23, 2011

3 mos I read Dr Gott's book. Results lost 18 lbs lower blood pressure, more energy= more exercise. At 65 its never too late.

mi75 writes,  May 24, 2011

great stats everybody! dh and i have been back on plan for a while now (i don't even know exact date because it was 'ok, we're going back to dr gott today). no real pomp and circumstance...but anyway, i'm able to walk much longer than i could, dh has noticed he is eating way less, we're feeling overall better...i'm going to start 'officially' tracking both our stats again as of june 1st. dh is a teacher and end of year is worse than start of school for him! i'll post stats again after tracking them a few weeks so i have some actual numbers!

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