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Christine writes,  January 23, 2011

Hello everyone. i have never typed on one of these so I'm not sure how good it works. I was just diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. My dr says I have to cut out white sugar and white flour. I do not have to cut out wheat but, I'm reading through all of these and I wrote down some recepies. I'm confused does wheat pasta have white flower or no? I'm really trying to find things to eat for all meals. I was thinking about buying DR Gott's book does anyone have it and do they like it? Does it have good meal ideas. I have done the akins diet on and off for years but, there are so many things that have sugar or white flower that I never knew was in there. This is not a diet to lose weight for me it is so I'm not in pain and hopefully will help my Fibromyalgia so any help you guys have would be so helpful.

Sandee writes,  January 23, 2011

Hi Christine, 

You would need to check the list of ingredients to see exactly what kind of flour it is.  I used "100% whole durham wheat", you can buy that in a white variety too....it tastes just like the unhealthy pasta. 

Dr. Gotts is good for a guide, so is South Beach.

Good luck....I'm glad that you're with us! 


Christine writes,  January 23, 2011


Thank you for your reply! I did the south beach a while back to lose weight not because of my illness. I will look back through the book to see what ideas it has.. Thanks again

mi75 writes,  January 24, 2011

i have been on and off of dr gott for a year or so, and LOVE it! his recipes are very simple, have real food, and generally easy to prepare~!

sandee is right, dr gott is a great reference, as is the south beach books for recipe ideas. there are a lot of dr gott followers here, and sandee has a great site for us to meet and compare notes!

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