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Jasmine writes,  January 21, 2011

Hey all. I am on day 5 and it's Friday night, a night I'd usually go out for sushi. In theory, sushi should work perfectly with is diet (fish, veg, rice) but there are so many other mystery ingredients stuffed in.

Obviously tempura is out but what about spicy tuna, california rolls, etc...

Melissa writes,  January 21, 2011

As long as you stick to the fish and vege's your good.  Its the rice and fried stuff you should avoid.

mi75 writes,  January 24, 2011

if you are truly following no sugar, no flour then rice is ok. it's more about the flour and sugar you need to be concerned with.

no tempura, and watch your sauces too. so many of them are made with sugar or HFCS. potatoes, rice, oatmeal, whole duram pasta all ok on no flour no sugar (and i believe CEAHOW too)...enjoy your sushi!


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