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Wheat pasta - a yes or no  
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Lady Dee writes,  January 16, 2011

According to Dr. Gott's book you cannot have pasta and you cannot have wheat flour - I am assuming this means wheat pasta is out....yes?  However, when I google receipes for the no-white diet there are several that call for either whole grain pasta or wheat pasta.  I have been using wheat pasta and now feel as thought I have failed.  Is it allowed?  Or is the no-white diet very different from Dr. Gott's no sugar, no flour diet?  Any feedback would be great!  Thanks-

Sandee writes,  January 16, 2011

That's right, "flour" is not allowed....whole durahm wheat is a whole grain....that's the pasta we can eat.

mi75 writes,  January 24, 2011

dee- there is a great whole durham wheat pasta at meijer that is allowed and pretty good...also there is an ezekial pasta that is whole sprouted grain. any whole rice or whole corn pasta would also be allowed, but these are pretty hard to find. i find that pasta, bread and white stuff is my complete addiction, so i try to avoid it and only indulge occasionally. good luck!

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