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Lady Dee writes,  January 13, 2011

So I went to the doctor for a sinus infection and weighed in at 196.  When I started my new job in May I weighed 162.  That's a pretty serious weight gain.  I know why - not doing anything!  Eating out too much - ice cream every night in bed - wine when I feel like it - or popcorn (lots of butter) - and sweets!!!  That'll do it every time.  So I am looking for a lifestyle change - I have done atkins and successfully lost lots of weight -but at some point you have to quit the diet and it all comes back.  I want to learn how to eat healthy.  So I found this diet.  I started on Monday and I probably ate way too much fruits - but I was hungry - boiled eggs, fruits - green veggies, and salmon.  Tuesday same thing but less hungry - Wednesday I made whole wheat pasta with LOTS of green veggies and chicken. I had that for lunch and dinner yesterday and today (and a spinach omelate for breakfast) - ONE organge for a snack.  I was not hungry so I think I needed some complex carbs.  But here's what I don't get - can you eat too many complex carbs - do I need to watch my calorie intake as well....a lot of the fruits and veggies have some sugar in them - can I have too much of this natural sugar?  Also - I am out of receipe's - please share - I am really motivated and want to stick to it, but need some meals - I was actually pretty excited about the pasta because it was all good food - so I learned something new.  But if people live this way - eat only this food - nothing white, what do they eat?  Not just green veggies on the side with fish or chicken? 

Sandee writes,  January 13, 2011

Hi Lady Dee,

Having a plan is a good idea....and yes, you want to limit the grains and the fruit.  We usually go the 1st 30 days with only oatbran for a grain at breakfast along with one fruit...I can't give out the food plan...however, I am going to find an alternative or something similar for those who just want to live this healthy lifestyle. 


mi75 writes,  January 15, 2011

many of us here follow the Dr Gott no flour no sugar plan, so that might give you some guidance...i think that every single person should know what their caloric requirements are! find out what you should be taking in to burn off weight, and try to stick with that. yes, you can overload on complex carbs, and keep in mind that they ARE still carbs in form, so they might slow your furnaces down a little bit (although obviously still better than white carbs). there are lots and lots of options for no flour no sugar meals, you just need to find what works for you! good luck...

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