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Karley writes,  December 27, 2010

I am going through the recipes on here, and it is making me overwhelmed. I do an awful lot during the day with 2 kids and I don't want to be preparing food for an hour and a half, and I also don't want to go to the store to get 324 different items I have really never heard of...I want to do this, but I am a simple person. I like simple food. Anyone have any ideas?

Eric writes,  December 28, 2010

You can find "Quick and Easy" recipes on this site by going to the "Search Recipe" option, select "Keywords" and click on "Quick and Easy"

fran641 writes,  January 07, 2011

I'm like you, I don't like to make things with a ton of ingredients at this stage of my life.   I lost weight on this food plan because I could just eat simple meats, fruits and veggies, simple foods.  Once in a while for variety I might use the great recipes on here but mostly just simple foods. I think this is the easiest way I've ever eaten.  Am I doing it perfectly all the time...NOT... but sure better than I did for many years. 

mi75 writes,  January 10, 2011

there are TONS of easy recipes in the dr gott books...but you can really come up with a lot of ideas on your own..

-any lean meat, teamed wuth a sweet potato and/or salad

-egg salad on boston lettuce leaves or ezekial bread

-chicken-rice soup


cheese grits

fresh salsa and guacamole on whole corn chips

nachos with lean ground beef or turkey, vegetarian refried beans, shredded cheese and tomato,lettuce,onions,etc

baked potato bar

there are tons of ideas...just simply eliminating flour and sugar will make a big difference, and cleaning up your diet will help even more. you simply have to find what works for you.

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