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JrGee writes,  August 10, 2008

Are sugar free syrups allowed in CEA-HOW? Recommendations?

Sandee writes,  August 11, 2008

Walden Farms brand....good stuff!  There is also Torani brand, these are liquid....like for smoothies.  If you can't find them in your health food or grocery store they're on this website in the shopping section.  There are also sugar free maple syrup's, I think the sweetened with Splenda are the best.

JrGee writes,  August 13, 2008


Terri writes,  August 12, 2009

You can also find all kinds of flavors of sugar-free Torani Syrups at coffee shops.  I use the peach or vanilla in plain, fat-free yogurt and the hazelnut or english toffee in coffee with skim milk.  Yum!

Sandee writes,  August 23, 2009

Yes, I love them too....especially peanut butter!

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