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I started this diet last yr and I lost 40lbs  
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Mindy May writes,  November 30, 2010

The subject pretty much clears it up. This is my first time on the forums section. My real name is Holly, I am 23 and 5'4 135lbs Started out at about 172lbs. This diet worked for me so well I loved having nachos, daves killer sprouted bread, zucchini lasagne Yum!!! Just thought id share my experience being as how I would have liked to read a post like this myself when I was starting out.

lexi writes,  December 01, 2010

great!!!!I am happy too!!!!Keep up he great work

mi75 writes,  December 01, 2010

much congrats to you! i too have found this lifestyle to be easy and do-able! i'm 5"3 and started at 214...good job and keep at it! your body and your health thank you...

monique writes,  December 02, 2010

hello all

i am new to this site, can you all please inform me on how to get started! please 

thank you

Sandee writes,  December 02, 2010

Hi Monique,

This started as a "cea-how" recipe swap, (ceahow.org) for compulsive eaters....however, many people now use it that want to live a sugar/flour free life for so many reasons.  You can follow any sugar free plan and use this site, if you have more questions or need more insight you can email me directly Sandee@happy2beme.com.

Have a great day!


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