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mi75 writes,  November 19, 2010

i'm planning a big cooking day next weekend and looking for some good ideas for staple foods to include...i've been doing a lot of the same lately (beans, rice, pork loin, pesto chicken, etc) and need some fresh thoughts. not necessarily looking for actual recipes, just new ideas for staple foods to have around. getting sick of popcorn, cheese and triscuits, and homemade fruit/nut bars for snacks. any good ideas???-m

Gidgett writes,  November 19, 2010

I'm have dicovered Bulgar Wheat...Very good and easy. I much on Shredded Wheat. A great Wrap in Romain Lettus Leaf, spread some Hummus(original) add some sliced turkey and sliced grapes. It is very yummy.


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