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mi75 writes,  November 19, 2010

well folks- the big turkey day is among us. i cannot believe that it's late november already. i wanted to address this stress-filled issue for all of us since some of you are new to program and have never dealt with a holiday on-program. i was on-program for Easter and found it easy if I planned ahead.

for thanksgiving, i have planned a typical menu with pretty much all of our usual favorites. turkey, squash, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, green bean casserole, and dessert...here's my game plan:

for stuffing/dressing (the debate continues), i first cube up and toast up an entire loaf of Ezekial under the broiler and use that in place of conventional white bread....for my mashed i always use half potato, half cauliflower/parsnip/turnip combo for the nutrients...for my green bean casserole i toss raw sliced shallots in arrowroot and then pan-fry them to top my casserole, and then for my gravy i use corn starch (arrowroot would work for those on CEA-HOW)...our dessert is a crustless pumpkin pie: i mix the filling, then bake and serve it in little cups with optional whipped cream. i also do an apple crisp with splenda, oatmeal, etc.

so you see, a holiday can be had. yes, it's for sure different than what i had two years ago. but i'm doing better and feeling well, and my health is waaaaaaayyyyyy more important than one day...i wish you all well during this holiday season. -m-

Brownie writes,  November 24, 2010

I've been struggling with my dessert for the holidays. What type of small cups do you use? Are they the miniature aluminum pans ( like you use for cooking tarts)? I'm thinking about trying a crustless sweet potato pie.

Lexi writes,  November 30, 2010

wow, I can be clean during the holidays too...

Sandee writes,  November 30, 2010

Yeah!  Isn't it awesome to not gain weight?  Who would have ever thought that that was possible : )

mi75 writes,  December 01, 2010

sorry for the delayed reply...even though we're past the day, brownie, i use these small ramikin type cups that i got right from wal-mart. they are about 12 oz each and ceramic so they can be baked safely. did well over the holiday and had no weight gain. even though i cooked clean and well, i could have watched my portions better. but every day is a learning experience!

Brownie writes,  December 02, 2010

Made it through the holiday...no sweat. Crustless Pumpkin pie was great. My son was a little skeptical at first but he LOVED it!!! I also made a peach pie with splenda and a gluten free, sugar free baking mix. The crust was very crumbling, and different from what we're used too (homemade southern peach cobbler)...but it felt good to have a healthy version and not have to forgo our peach dessert tradition at thanksgiving. So now i call it my peach crumb pie Smile. Luckily i dont have to cook for Christmas i just have to figure out NF/NS options.

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