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On and Off Overeaters Anonymous for 5 years  
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Decsag03 writes,  August 04, 2008

I have been going on and off to overeaters anonymous for 5 years. I was able to stick to no flour and sugar for 6 months but did not know i could eat grain. i lost a lot of weight but couldn't stick with it because the thought of never eating certain foods overwhelmed me. i have been abstinent now 24 days and now have a better knowledge about what I am doing but still end up eating the same thing over and over again. this web site helps because i get recipes i can try without feeling guilty about whether or not i'm tempting fate.I hope to stick it out for the long run and will continue to visit this site for support in my food plan. thank you!

Helen83 writes,  August 07, 2008

I am not really familar with OA.  I presume you have a sponser.  I suggest that you contact her/him on a daily basis.  I know from experience that this is your life-boat. Good Luck.

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