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mary writes,  October 18, 2010

It would be very helpful to me to hear success stories--how long on the program and weight loss. I am planing for this to be lifetime for me. Also, some artificial sweeteners seem to have a form of sugar, even though they say "0 Calories"--cofusing. Have read Dr Gott's book x2, and am awaiting deliver of his cookbook!

mi75 writes,  October 19, 2010

mary- DH (dear hubby)and I having great success on No Flour No Sugar. DH of course, lost about 20 lbs in the first 10 days, I lost about 7 in the first 10 days. we have been on and off program for almost a year but find easy weight loss when we commit to it. we try to use minimal artificial sweeteners, and use mostly Agave Necter when we need sweetener. it's real and whole and not chemically made. trying to avoid chemicals in our bodies at all costs. best of luck to you! please post often. it's so good to see new people who are doing program and sticking to it! -mi

mary writes,  October 19, 2010

Oh mi75, thank you so much for replying--and an encouraging reply at that! I have been purging my kitchen and pantry, plus reading labels like crazy--cannot believe all the products containing sugar! Eagerily awaiting delivery of Gott's cookbook.

I hope you post often!

mi75 writes,  October 19, 2010

mary- i too am happy there is another "current" person here to post with! i'm so happy that you are committing to this lifestyle. you will notice changes in how you feel within just a few days! i hope you post often too, it can get slow on the forums sometimes and i like to talk-a lot- to others on dr gott! please post again soon and let me know how it is going. also, we could PM by e-mail if you are interested. mi

mary writes,  October 20, 2010

Would love to email, as this board seems pretty inactive, and I need to communicate too! How do we exchange email addresses here without posting to the world?

mi75 writes,  October 20, 2010

mary- there is a link on this site where you can "contact" sandee, the board moderator. she knows my e-mail, so if you want to send yours to her then she can forward it to me....i'll send her an e-mail and ask her if she would kindly forward it. she is awesome for support and ideas. i'm sure she would be happy to help us get in contact. -m

Mary writes,  October 20, 2010

mi75 -- I have emailed Sandee -- thanks

judy writes,  December 03, 2010

Ive been on this diet for 5 months and have lost 38 lbs have 20 more to go. Best diet Ive ever tried.

KerBear writes,  December 03, 2010

I have been on the CEA-HOW food plan for 101 days and I have lost 50 pounds.  This is working for me.   I ordered the Dr. Gott book, but it looks like a book for maintenance for me anyway.  The CEA-How plan is what I need. Check it out.

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