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Marie writes,  October 17, 2010

My husband and I (we are both 55) are starting the no-flour..no-sugar diet tomorrow....we just cleaned out our fridge and cupboards of all the junk food...it was hard to do....and we went to the store and got veggies..fruits...lean meat and cheese..etc....wish us luck !!!  I think the hardest thing to do is finding things to pack  for work for breakfast and lunch....we have to loose about 30 lbs each....I hope I get some good ideas and recipes from this web site....its been really helpful so far....

Mary writes,  October 17, 2010

I, too, have just started--my husband has not yet made the commitment, but I am very serious. Spent a long time in the grocery store reading labels, and am amazed at the sugar in almost everything. Am going to try initially to stick with the basics before trying recipes. SubWay has a great grilled chicken salad, and I have them put just vinegar and a little oil. Hardees still has the no-bun hamburger (using lettuce leaves as the bun). Am hoping this site is good support because I need all the help I can muster!!

Sandee writes,  October 18, 2010

Oh, I didn't know that Hardee's had a lettuce burger : )  Good luck to you both!  Take it one day at a time, one meal at a time and keep in mind why you're doing it....it will come in handy when the temptations come by....and they will come by....but nothing tastes as good as thin feels....and we can eat lots of yummy foods that God made just for us : )

mi75 writes,  October 19, 2010

i agree wtih sandee...this has to be one meal at a time (at least to start with)...i have been on and off program for the past 10 months or so and have had great success. i found it "mentally" easier to do Dr Gott than to try some of those "LOW CARB" diets because I NEED some carbs to exist! God gave us good, clean food and if we eat just that, our health will be greatly improved. as for your meal/snack questions...i make a big pot of chili, a big pot of bean soup, some deviled eggs, fresh fruits, veggies with ranch dip, air-popped corn, polenta, cornbread (from Dr Gott's book), pork loin, steaks, baked sweet potatoes, whole-rice pasta salads, cole slaw, oatmeal, ALLLLLLL sorts of things! hubby and i both having great success and feeling so much better. please feel free to visit the site often and share your ideas, recipes, successes! miWink

Gidgett writes,  November 19, 2010

Been on this since August w/hubby.(@237lbs) Loosing about a pound a week.  It is the easiest diet I have been on. I used to do Weight Watchers(constantly thinking about food on that one) This is simple. I love greek yogurt with fruit and a touch of Splenda in the evening. I haven't had nor do I miss candy since The start of the plan. Feeling so much better. Love this site....

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