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104 days abstinent of Flour & Sugar!  
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Brandi writes,  October 13, 2010

I was going to post at 100 days, but got distracted!  Just wanted to say thank you to Sandee for recipes, etc.  I promise to post more recipes too soon!  I love this new life....

I've lost 42lbs - started July 4th, 2010 (CEA-HOW Progam)!  5'4" started at 253.5lbs I still only eat 1 grain a day on most days.  I had Sushi on my 90th day!  :)

What I find helps is buy pre-cut vegetables (onions, bell pepers, broccoli, etc).  It saves a lot of time.  I talk to my local restaurant owners who make things special for me.  I have a local mexican restaurant make me shredded chicken (4oz for $1)!!  I have my sushi made custom too (they measure out the brown rice & no sugar).  I cook a lot, but do go out occasionally.  I like places like Chipotle where you can eyeball what's going in it.  It doesn't arrive as a surprise.

I plan every morning and eat what I plan.  It helps me not overeat (and is part of the program I do).  

This is my typical menu for a day:

1oz Flourless Bread
8oz Fat Free Milk
1 Apple

2oz Shredded Chicken
1oz Shredded Mexican Cheese
2c Chopped Zucchini, Onion, BellPepper, Tomatoes & Carrots
1tsp Olive Oil
1/2c Broth
1/2c Hot V8
Seasoning: Dried Chives, Mrs Dash, S&P, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Dried Red Pepper Flakes, Chili Powder

2oz Ground Turkey
1oz Parmesan Cheese
2c Spaghetti Squash
1/2c Spaghetti Sauce
1c Lettuce
1TBS Caesar Salad
1tsp Oil

This site helps when you get in bind and need a change!


Anyways.....thanks Sandee for all your help! :)


Sandee writes,  October 13, 2010

That's awesome Brandi!  Good job!  Love,  Sandee

mi75 writes,  October 19, 2010

go brandi!!!! this way of eaeting is really pretty easy when you commit to it, and as we can all see, pretty successful. i find a lot of good recipes online at low-carb sites too...sandee has a great site here and happy to see you doing so well!- m

Mary writes,  October 19, 2010

Congratulations! You are quite an inspiration and encourager to a newbie!

Brandi writes,  October 21, 2010

Thanks guys!

I'm part of CEA-HOW, so I'm working on my obsession with food and not letting it rule my life and thoughts.  That has made a world of difference because, like most people, I've tried nearly everything and didn't stick with a plan.  This, I can stick with.  I'm focusing on me and being healthy and not what I can't have.  I work around it and look up recipes all.the.time! 

I also read about food and it's affects on our bodies.  I've found that if I educate myself on food and how it's evolved, I have more of a desire to live healthy, above all else.  I love Twinkie Deconstructed - it really goes into what companies put in our food...gross! 

I also read a lot of blogs about weight loss.  I'm reading more and more that this is the easy part and keeping the weight off will be the real challenge.  This is just training.  Knowing that, I want to make sure I be the best I can be so that when the time comes that I meet my goal weight, I can use my training and new confidence to continue this healthy life the rest of my life.

I also know that I can't be perfect all the time, and it's what I do with myself after I've deviated from my daily goals.  If I beat myself up, I want to give up......so, I don't beat myself up anymore. 

Ok, enough! ;)


Rose writes,  October 22, 2010

I have been on Dr. Gott's plan for six months.  Have lost 35 lbs., but even more important to me is this:  Sugar levels are now within or below normal range, blood pressure, within normal range and Choloestral has dropped 40 points.  Still have some work to do on that, but I WILL GET THERE.  My goal is another 35 lbs, but like I said, it will come off slowly, but the health issues are bigger to me.  YEAH!

Sandee writes,  October 22, 2010

That's awesome Rose!  Yes, of course you will get there....and we're here for you : )

Brandi writes,  October 22, 2010

I agree, the health issues are the most important!  Good Job!

Dee writes,  October 27, 2010

Congrats to Brandi. I do have a question about the V8. Love veggie juice but it is loaded with sugar. Do you make it yourself?

Brandi writes,  October 27, 2010

I've found that the lite or low sodium does contain added sugar.  I use the hot or regular in the individual cans.  No sugar. :)


Sandee writes,  October 27, 2010

I make mine myself....it's so much more healthy and full of the enzymes....the mixtures are endless....they also don't have the mega doses of salt that the processed versions have.  You do need a juicer though and it can be a bit of a pain to clean up until you're used to doing it....it's so worth it though!

Brandi writes,  March 26, 2011

Just wanted to give an update!  

I'm 9 months abstinent now!  Wooohooo! I've lost a total of 78lbs and feel great!  

Thanks Sandee for all your recipes!

Sandee writes,  March 27, 2011

Wow Brandi, that's awesome!  I'm so happy for you!

mi75 writes,  March 29, 2011

FANTASTIC brandi!!!! you are proof that this eating style is do-able and shows results with some fairly simple changes, and commitment. i'm so happy for you!

Aaron writes,  April 06, 2011

Not to be a kill joy, but how can you not get bored of cutting veggies all day. Or for that matter, how can you stay on the diet without being bored.


Minus Day 1

mi75 writes,  April 07, 2011

aaron- do you know HOW MANY foods there are in the world without flour and sugar? after being on the deit for over a year now, i'm only about 1/3 down the list! and many good super stores sell fruits and veg already cut up...we are NOT bored because we are SUPER healthy and our bodies thank us for making this a lifestyle! in fact, i've gotten several co-workers to follow program as well and they've collectively lost about 50 lbs...

happy writes,  May 04, 2011


Brandi writes,  July 30, 2011

I don't cut vegetables all day.  In fact, I sometimes buy them pre-cut to change it up every once in awhile.  My Best Friend often says, "Only the boring get bored."  I'm never bored! :p  I guess to me, I don't see it as a diet or any type of restriction.  I eat the same way I always did, but differently.  I make different choices.  I try and keep my life the same and comfortable.  If I don't want to eat celery (yuck) or exercise, I won't.  I don't force anything.  I think it's a personal perspective.  Do you see it as temporary?  As a diet?  Or do you see changes for life?  Sounds so cheesy, I know!  I'm not saying I'm perfect, by any means...... I think you have to do a lot of research and educate yourself so that you're not bored.  It's fun, actually.  I love walking into the grocery store and looking at all the products - it's almost a scavenger hunt.  LOL  Bascially, I eat the same things - pizza, burgers, chicken, burritos, etc.  I just make them differntly now.  And I NEVER thought I'd say this, but they're SO MUCH better now.  My desires for food have changed....

Brandi writes,  July 30, 2011


I've posted an update on the "Stats" thread.....

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