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my friend died- makes this all very real...  
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mi75 writes,  October 13, 2010

hi gals- i wanted to share a sad little story with you...one of my good friends from work passed away unexpectedly about three weeks ago. she was only 46. but she had really bad diabetes that she did not manage well. she had a bad fall and had a head injury, but her diabetes was ultimately the end cause...please, get yourselves in a good place health-wise. life is too short. i miss her terribly. we only worked together for 5 years, but lived right near each other and spent a lot of time together. she had lap-band surgery to lose weight in 2007 but her diabetes didn't change much and she did not manage herself well. at all.

i keep wondering if i would have pushed her a little bit to control her blood sugars better if it would have made a difference. maybe. but i cannot change what has happened. i just know how much i miss her. it makes this weight thing very real to me...for the sake of your family, and your friends, and your kids, grandkids, etc. PLEASE get healthy. it took this, unfortunately, to get me focused. take care-m

Sandee writes,  October 13, 2010

Oh, so sorry to hear that.  Thank you for sharing it though....we need to remember how serious this really is.  I'm sure that her story will help many of us!  Love and Light,  Sandee

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