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mi75 writes,  September 24, 2010

hi all- do you exercise? if so, what is your regimen? i am severely deconditioned, but trying to get it together before we do IVF. i'm doing walking. i want to kick it up a little and do the Walk Away the Pounds DVDs and maybe toss in some prenatal yoga as well...please share

Sandee writes,  September 24, 2010

I do.  I do "The Firm" total body with Emily...something...twice a week and a yoga/pilates routine that I put together myself the rest of the days....it takes about 15 minutes.  I just ordered Chalean extreme....I was going to order P90x to really crank things up....but this looked like a better next step : )  I'm going to keep track of my results...and Alexis's....she's going to do it too...and of course, share them with you all : )  Unless we bomb....then we'll just keep that to ourselves : )

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