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I made a mistake (sugarfree vanillia powder)  
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Lynzie writes,  September 02, 2010

I had sugar free vanillia sweetner..I broke..I need to be honest!

Sandee writes,  September 05, 2010

Good, that broke it's power over you too : )

fran641 writes,  September 11, 2010

May I ask,what is sugar free vanilla sweetner? 

fran641 writes,  September 12, 2010

Is that like coffee creamer powder?

Sandee writes,  September 12, 2010

It comes in both powder and liquid....they also have a Splenda variety now as well....all of the ones that I have looked at have hidden sugars in them....how they can get away with calling them sugar free....I don't know....we really need to stay on top of things and know what we are putting into our bodies. 

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