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mi75 writes,  August 30, 2010

Hi all- i thought it may motivate us ALL if we post some stats about how long we've been doing this lifestyle and what our loss it, also any major health improvements would be good too!

ME:age 35, Dr Gott plan started in April 2010, successful through July 2010, fell off program and felt lousy...restarted plan on 8/17/10, lost 6 additional pounds since then... improved my liver function to normal status...hoping to lose another 10-12 lbs before end of October to start IVF...

Sandee writes,  August 30, 2010

My whole life is pretty much on here : )  I have maintained the 70lb weight loss for almost 5 years....I love this way of living!  I'm so grateful for all of you too!

Brandi writes,  August 31, 2010

I'm 36 years old, 5'-4" and started CEA-HOW July 4th 2010 at 253lbs.  I've been abstinent 60days....with a loss of 27lbs.

Not sure about heath improvements yet, but I feel great!

Would love to lose more weight, but I'm just focusing on getting away from the addiction/obsession of food!

Happy writes,  September 02, 2010

Went to FA lost 25lbs..Cea How is a better program for me because I can use recipes..I got off and swiched to CEA HOW..Looking forward to sheding weight...I know longer have the rumination about getting back on track..That is the worst part for me..I made three dinners weighed out and I will make lunches tommorow..I feel better when they are packed up.. 5'1 121 want tyo be 109

Lynzie Norquist writes,  September 02, 2010

I want to lose 9lbs by ocotober...Thank for the posting..Good luck!!

fran641 writes,  September 11, 2010

Joined CEAHOW Feb. 17 2009.  Lost 58 lbs. and  lost 12 lbs. before I joined so down a total of 70 lbs.  I've been struggling for a couple months and have had a few day 1's and gained 10 lbs. back.  I'm doing good today and on day 10 right now.  I never want to go back  there again.  I'm 62 yrs.old, 5'0"  and weigh 133.  I want to get back down to 124. This journey has been a long ride. 

Brandi writes,  February 26, 2011

Update from what I wrote above:

I've been abstinent 242days (almost 8 months)....with a loss of 72lbs.

Weightloss has slowed, but that's to be expected.  I'm still eating healthy every day and that's what matters!



Mark McYoga writes,  March 08, 2011

I have been on the no flour no sugar diet since Jan 24, 2011.  I have lost about 15 lbs. since then.  I weighed about 197 and I now weigh 182 lbs.  I am 5 ft. 11 inches.  I am doing the Nordic Track at least 30 minutes per day.  (Some days I do 2 30 minute runs on the ski machine).

I am very happy with the results of Dr. Gott's No flour No sugar diet. I plan to eat like this for the rest of my life. 

virginia writes,  May 23, 2011

 I love the no flour,no sugar plan.I feel great.I started the plain 1/3/11.To this day i have losted 22 lbs.I am 5 feet 1 inches tall and i have arthritis.I need 2 loose all of this weight.

Cheryl Quinn writes,  May 26, 2011

Hello everyone! I just found this site, and it looks like I will find a lot here that will fit right in with my program. I have been going to FA for almost 16 months. I started February 1, 2011, weighing 274 lbs (my top weight from the previous year was 283). At my last weigh-in on May 1, I was down to 164.5. I was wearing a tight size 24/3X and am now down to a sm/med  (10-12) on top and a med/large (12/14) on the bottom – the stomach is the last thing to go :( .

I eat pretty simply and weigh and measure nearly everything that goes in my mouth, but I'd love to find some recipes to perk up my meals a bit. I'm allergic to a lot of spices (all the best ones like garlic, pepper, hot pepper, curry, cumin, onion powder), so I have to modify everything.

I love the way eating healthy makes me feel! Replacing all the junk I used to eat with nutritious foods like salads, yogurt, protein-rich grains (I love quinoa) and fruits and vegetables has given me so much more energy. My depression is gone and i am finally happy!

Nice to meet you all. I look forward to sharing ideas and meeting others who have discovered the abstinent way of eating>

Cheryl - Toronto, Canada



Cheryl Q writes,  May 26, 2011

Oops! the autofill on my computer put in my last name, though had only typed the last initial. So much for anonymity, lol.

Also oops, I should have said my start date was 2010, not 2011.

Sandee writes,  May 27, 2011

Thanks for sharing your story Cheryl....what an inspiriation!!!

Sandee writes,  May 27, 2011

Thanks to Mark and Virginia too....it's so nice to hear the successes : )  You sounded like you were doing pretty well Fran....I hope you're still with us!

virginia writes,  May 27, 2011

Brandi,your sucess is amazing.Email some times at ivey@rose.net.I would love to here some of your tips and receipes.

Stephanie writes,  July 15, 2011

Started this same diet plan, just another author, May 23rd at 152lbs at my doctor's visit.  Today July 15th at the same doctors office I am 119 pounds :) The weight no kidding just falls off.  It is much easier to stay on it and motivated once it starts coming off!  I switched to a raw diet with no oils, soy, rice nothing like that.  Just fruits, veggies and water.  Just stay on the vitamins to keep your levels good.

Brandi writes,  July 30, 2011

Virginia, Thanks, but I don't really have any tips.  I just don't touch flour or sugar.  I bascially started with CEA-HOW, but my Sponser's kept leaving, so I'm on my own.  I'm flying solo. I try and get support from other sources like Weight Watchers. I use bascially all the recipes here and have posted some of my own as well, which Sandee has listed.  I read A LOT about food and the effects it has on our body (Twinkie Deconstructed is a favorite).  When I'm at a birthday party or a place I want cake, I have a Carrot Cake Lara bar.  Stuff like that.  I changed my entire mind about what and why I eat with the help of CEA-HOW, Weight Watchers Support & this site. Really.  I make sure I NEVER eat F or S because I know how hard it is to get back on track.  I don't see it as an option.  I take it day to day.... Hope that helps. LOL Again, thanks!

Brandi writes,  July 30, 2011


I'm 396 (1 year, 1 month) days abstinent!  I've lost a total of 91.9 lbs.  My weight loss has sloooooowed.  In fact, this past month, I've lost .7 lbs and haven't seen the scale move in 3 weeks.  I'm thinking it's the start of a platau, but not sure.  I'm hoping my body will let me lose 20-25 more pounds for a goal of 140-135lbs.  BUT I don't know what it's going to do.  It's really up to my body at this point.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this site.  Sandee is amazing and wonderful.  I've been asked to attend the CEA-HOW convension next year with my cousin, who is also a part of CEA-HOW, so I'll probably do that.  FUN! Just want to say congrats too everyone else.  I know it helps to read stats and find incouragement in others!  I get *it*  I get how hard this battle is.  Ok, I feel awkward now for writing all this....hope it helps.

Vanessa writes,  February 19, 2012

I'm at 51 days abstinent in CEA-HOW. My husband and I are doing it together. we try to get to 3 meetings a week. I'm sober in other programs (4 yrs in AA).

I did HOW in 2011 and went from my top weight 205 to 165.
Then I left the program and decided to try and do the food plan in AA (didn't work!) I gained 5 lbs and started freaking out.

Now, I have lost 13 lbs - and just found out I'm 6 weeks pregnant!* - so when most people are starting to gain weight, I'm still getting healthy eating this wonderful abstinent food :) I have to say I was enjoying it more about a month ago before my hormones started getting crazy!!! My appetite took a DIVE about 2 weeks ago.

To the guys... a lot of the time the weight comes off faster for the men!!! My husband has lost over 25 lbs in the same 52 days we've been working CEA_HOW. We do not end our particiipation with the food plan, or this is just a diet. We use the tools outlined to the best of our ability including calling our sponsors daily, committing our food to them, weighing and measuring every meal and eating abstinent food when we go out to eat. We do the writing and reading and go to 3 meetings a week as much as posisble. It's a rigorous way to live! I have to say I am grateful though. My mom's a sugar addict, her parents both died with type II diabetes and a lot of weight-related problems.

So I'm very grateful. I'm super grateful for this site, too!!! So many fabulous ideas for recipes.

*I'm not restricting my diet excessively. My sponsor and I have worked out some thing so I am eating enough for the first trimester; and I will speak with my doctor ASAP about my diet. 


Vanessa writes,  February 19, 2012

I meant to write TEN lbs - 10 - :) hahaa I gained 10 lbs and my clothes stopped fitting... anyways. Wanted to be truthful!

Shirley writes,  May 25, 2013

Thanks for the neews about maltidextrin. I have been drink sugar free drinks because they said no sugar. I guess I will statr drinking water with a little lemon

Vanessa writes,  June 06, 2013

I am BACK (in CEA-HOW on the Phone Bridge) and I am starting at 167 lbs (with clothes on). 

Louise writes,  May 04, 2014


i started Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous last summer (7/2014) at 196lbs. 

Today I weigh 134 lbs & am still going down. 


I really love love this life style! I was a good cook before abstinence but now I find I'm enjoying creating lovely simple, abstinent recipes even more!

I just really appreciate my weighed & measured food. Before, when I could eat anything, I didn't really appreciate any food. I was always looking to make something different, better, sweeter, etc. 

now, I usually don't use any sweeteners (sometimes Truvia in my tea) & I can appreciate the natural sweetness in everything. It's truly a miracle!

Louise writes,  May 04, 2014

- rest of my stats! I'm 37, 5'4 & I'd like to lose another 10-15lbs. pending my sponsor's advice. Like with my food, my eyes are broken with my body image. I'm a size 7 now. Wear S in most clothing items & I just feel so full when I eat I'm afraid to add more! Currently, I'm losing about 3-4lbs a month. And I'm fine with that. 

Louise writes,  May 04, 2014

- rest of my stats! I'm 37, 5'4 & I'd like to lose another 10-15lbs. pending my sponsor's advice. Like with my food, my eyes are broken with my body image. I'm a size 7 now. Wear S in most clothing items & I just feel so full when I eat I'm afraid to add more! Currently, I'm losing about 3-4lbs a month. And I'm fine with that. 

Louise writes,  May 04, 2014

Oh, I meant 7/2013, of course! 

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