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what i ate for first 2 days-----good or bad?  
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er writes,  August 25, 2010

I want to make sure i am on the right track!  i found sugar is in almost everything!! 

breakfast--"the pancake" recipe from this page (sugar is in one of the ingredients?? that were listed for recipe)

snack- popcorn?

lunch salad oil & vinegar dressing

snack  blueberrys

dinner chicken, asparagus & cous cous


breakfast- pepperoni (woke up extremely late)

snack mandarin oranges

lunch 3 bean salad recipe from this page

snack strawberrys

dinner whole wheat pasta

today is day 3 and i feel sooo bloated and very gassy:(



Sandee writes,  August 26, 2010

It depends on what food plan that you are following.  For the pancake, it's 0 calorie sweetener or steiva....something like that....but no sugar : )  You can email me if you want me to help you a bit on this. 

er writes,  August 26, 2010

I am just trying to cut out white flour and sugar. not really a plan per say......whats ur email?


i appreciate it!

Sandee writes,  August 26, 2010


mi75 writes,  August 30, 2010

looks pretty good except for the whole wheat pasta. most pasta is made from flour. the only one i have found that isn't is the ezekial brand sprouted grain pasta. a little diet'y...try to incorporate some whole grains and increase veg. an easy way to plan ahead for breakfast is to do a baked oatmeal bar or granola bar and keep those handy. there are some good recipes on the net. good luck!  

myjourney writes,  May 13, 2011

Can you tell me how to make the baked oatmeal bar?

mi75 writes,  May 13, 2011

sure...there are great recipes all over the internet as well as (for me anyway) the No Flour No Sugar Diet books by Dr Gott. i have both, he has an awesome recipe in the cookbook for homemade, all natural, flour and sugar free baked oatmeal/granola bars. they are awesome and i make 2 pans each sunday because my family goes through them like crazy.


Sandee writes,  May 13, 2011

I would like that recipe too please when you get it : )

myjourney writes,  May 15, 2011

I have both of his cookbooks. Are you referring to the Flourless Oatmeal bars? I made his berry crumble again this weekend & it's really good. I saw a few recipes for granola like bars so I wanted to confirm which one you make every Sunday.


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