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Getting off caffeine  
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Sandee writes,  August 23, 2010

I would like to start a thread on this.  I personally haven't had coffee in over a year and was doing well.  I discovered Pepsi Max and got big into that.  I felt the effects of the blood sugar roller coaster and haven't had any since 7/3/10....however, I still have 1 or 2 green tea bags a day and 2 "Zip Fizzes", one with breakfast and one with lunch.  They have 100 grams of caffeine in them, lots of B vitamins and 10 calories...that's why with the meal.  I have noticed anxiouty a little at bed time, but mostly what I notice is a depressed feeling several hours later...this doens't hurt from the morning because I can have another at lunch....but I can see that this needs to go as well.

I would like to hear from people who have kicked the caffeine habbit, what they did, how they feel now, etc.  I think that we need encouragement and support for this just as much as any other addiction....especially because it's so socially acceptable and has such an instant "reward".  How do we get past the struggle....and why do we want to?  I have found many health related reasons to give it up; cancer, adrenal fatigue, fatigue, anxiouty, agression, blood sugar imbalance and blood pressure imbalance, it depletes the body's ability to absorb nutrients....and those are great reasons to not have it.  But is there life after caffeine?  Will it be worth it to live longer without it?  : )

Please share your experience, strength and hope.

fran641 writes,  August 24, 2010

I kicked caffeine about 3 or 4 yrs ago.  It was tricky at first but after being off it a few months I tried it again and was shocked how miserable I felt.  My heart was racing I was just jumpy all day long.  I find that if I'm giving up something I have to replace it with something else.  I found some wonderful herb teas and use a slice of lemon or cucumber in my water for something different to drink. 

mi75 writes,  August 30, 2010

still fighting this one...i really need to get off for both health and planned IVF...my one last addiction.

Kerry writes,  October 17, 2010

Hey Sandee and friends on this forum.  I'm so glad to see the forum taking off and being so helpful.  Caffeine! Oh how my addiction to this has taken me to some very frustrating places.  I no longer rely on it and never thought i could let the compulsion go;  what is even better is that I can still occasionally enjoy it.  I was drinking 9-10 instant coffees a day when i hit a rock bottom with it.  I just told my Higher Power I was done with it, I was willing to let go.  The next day the craving had gone, I had 2 very weak coffees, the next day none. I did enjoy green tea in abundance and maybe this helped, but over all i had NO withdrawal! Incredible, because i usually end in bed for 2-3 days when i give coffee up.  I can have a weak coffee occasionally and it doesn't trigger me any more.  So i am guessing my Higher Power stepped in to do what I could not do for myself and plenty of lovely green tea helped to.  Blessings from Brighton, Kerry xxx

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