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er writes,  August 22, 2010

I plan on starting my new lifestyle tomorrow!! i am excited but nervous...any suggestions or help feel free to send it my way



Sandee writes,  August 22, 2010

Take it one meal at a time, follow the tools, let go and let God....you're in for an amazing journey!  "We came for the vanity and stayed for the sanity".  That's a statement that I heard early on and can totally relate to it now.  The weight loss is a wonderful gift, but there is so much more....freedome from the reasons for compulsive eating and having the tools and support is worth just as much...if not more.  Welcome....and let us know how you are doing : )

Brandi writes,  August 23, 2010

Good for you!

Don't give up. EVER. You'll have bad days, but it's just a day.  Keep educating yourself, but don't overwhelm yourself either.  Don't hit the gym for 2hours a day....take it slow and one day at a time. 

I find that reading books (I get them at the library) about food and where they come from helps. Read Twinkie Deconstructed! Don't go out looking at other programs, stick with one...but educate yourself on why processed foods (including sugar and flour) are not good for you.  I didn't stop eating them because they'll help me lose weight.....As I read, there's no way I'll eat them again!  It really opens your eyes to what we have been putting into our bodies.

Get support and don't rely on willpower....you probably know where that will get you!

er writes,  August 23, 2010

i am trying to cut out the sugar and white flour.......do u cut it out completely?

Sandee writes,  August 23, 2010

Yes, we cut it out completely....and related sugars and flours as well. 

fran641 writes,  August 24, 2010

Congratulations and welcome.  It isn't always easy but it's always worth it.  Watch for hidden sugar and flours and be sure they are listed 5th or later in ingredients.  Give yourself time to slow down at the grocery store and read lables.  One example is I watch for sugar in canned veggies.  Store brand didn't have it some name brands do.  Sugar is in foods that just don't need it but it is there.  Watch for it.  Have a great day and enjoy all the recipes this site has to offer.

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